Bonnie Chapman Channels Mother Beth While Emotionally Fighting False 'Daughter' Rumor

Bonnie Chapman has been facing a lot of different stresses since the death of her mother Beth Chapman at the end of June. While coping with grief, Chapman and Duane "Dog" Chapman have also been combating bootleg merchandise trying to cash in on the death of Beth, fending off odd requests from fans involving her mother's ashes and fighting back tears to speak at her mother's public memorial.

But the toughest issue in the wake of her mother's passing is the horrible rumor spreading around that she is not really the daughter of Chapman. Instead, it is being spread that she was actually the granddaughter of the reality star, adopted after the death of her "true" mother.

The young Chapman addressed the rumor earlier in the week on Instagram, asking fans where it started. "Never thought someone would accuse me of not being my mom's daughter," Chapman wrote as part of her Instagram story alongside a photo of her eating next to Beth Chapman.

(Photo: Bonnie Chapman/Twitter)

Chapman's response to the rumor didn't stop there and actually became an emotional topic for her on Twitter.

"I never thought the day would come when people would doubt who my mother is," Bonnie wrote echoing her Instagram Story. "It's 4 am and I can't stop crying. This rumor is making me sick, I wish I could just sleep."

Chapman continued, channeling her mother a bit to tell fans why it was eating at her so much.

"For those wondering why I am talking about this, it's because my mom wouldn't let this happen. She'd call up every news source that got anything wrong and correct it immediately," she added on Twitter. "If this happened while she was still here it'd be hell on earth for anyone with incorrect information."

(Photo: Bonnie Chapman/Twitter)
(Photo: Bonnie Chapman/Twitter)

"My mom would correct this, that's why I'm doing it. My mom taught me not to stand by and let rumors spread, so I correct it," Chapman continued. "She taught me to stand up for what I love, and I love her, so I will stand up for her when she can't be here."

Chapman also made it clear that she doesn't believe there are any "bad intentions" or malice behind the rumor. Her issues stem from it being spread by the media and spiraling out of her control. She closed out the thread by sharing a photo of her family with one final message.

"Now, I'm going to try sleep. Here's a photo I love, it's rare to get one with dad in it! Love you mama, I really wish I could call you right now," she wrote on Twitter.

(Photo: Bonnie Chapman/Twitter)

Chapman did provide another update later in the morning, noting that she took quite a while to fall asleep but had some strong support at the same time.

"I went to bed at 8 am, boyfriend woke up and let me rant to him," she added before revealing another Beth Chapman influence on the moment. "[Then] told me how my mom would kick everyone's a—."

(Photo: Bonnie Chapman/Twitter)

Chapman has been very open with her feelings surrounding the loss of her mother in recent weeks.


"I'm good, really. My therapist prepared me for all of this, it hurts that it happened so soon but I was able to take advantage of the moments I had with her. I try not to regret much with her, and I only regret not talking to her the day before."