'Deadliest Catch' Star Blake Painter Dies at 38

Deadliest Catch Captain Blake Painter has died at the age of 38, with police reportedly investigating the death.

According to TMZ, law enforcement are testing substances that were found at the scene, as it is speculated narcotics could be involved.

It is also reported that no foul play is suspected, but an autopsy and toxicology test will still be done to determine an official cause of death.

Painter's body was found by police on Friday, May 25, after a friend grew concerned over his well-being due to not hearing from the reality TV star for some time.

Once they entered his residence they determined that he had been dead for several days.

Painter was captain of the F/V Maverick on seasons one and two of Deadliest Catch before leaving the show during season three.

One of his fellow captains, Nick McGlashan, made a comment on Twitter about "a fellow fisherman" who "lost his life due to an overdose," later identifying the person as a "former crabber from the [Deadliest Catch] family." Many have speculated the person is Painter.

A number of Twitter users responded to McGlashan's tweet with one person writing, "I'm so very sorry to hear this. Just heartbreaking. No words. Of course his family are in my thoughts."

"So sorry to hear! Dear dear Nick please keep fighting the hard fight," someone else wrote. "I will pray for all who fight against addiction. And for the families of those who love them. Stay strong."

"Wishing his friends and family peace," another fan of the show said. "May others facing his struggles give his death meaning by seeking their own strength to overcome."


"Oh Nick, I know this is close to you regardless of how well you knew them," one other Twitter user commented. "I am sorry for your loss of your fellow fisherman and my condolences to you and their family."

At this time, neither the Discovery Channel nor the producers of Deadliest Catch appear to have commented on Painter's death.