'Deadliest Catch': How to Watch, When and What Channel

Deadliest Catch kicked off its 15th season last month, and we have all the details on how to watch the show, when its on, and what channel to tune in to.

The hit reality TV series airs on the Discovery Channel, the network that has been the show's home since it began back in 2005. (The pilot episode aired in 2004, but Season 1 did not kick off until a year later.)

Fans who watch the show live, will want to click over to Discovery at 9 p.m. on Tuesdays.

Additionally, fans can watch some episodes online, and if they have a cable TV provider, can sign in to have more episodes available to them. This option is available with the Discovery Go app as well.

There are also currently about seven seasons of Deadliest Catch available on Hulu, for subscribers of the streaming service. Those who upgrade to the Hulu Live Tv package can watch Deadliest Catch: On Deck as well.

Ahead of the new season, Deadliest Catch Captains Sig Hansen and Jake Anderson spoke with PopCulture.com's Anna Rumer exclusively and opened up about how far they have come and what the stakes were this time around.

"It's a pain, because it's first come, first serve," Hansen explained of how all the king crab were rumored to be gathered in one 800-square-mile area.

Anderson found the situation particularly tense, since he had a lot riding on the catch, financially. He was planning to become part owner of the Saga and needed the money quick.

"It’s a tough time to buy into the boat, especially because you're not gonna make a ton of money if you don't do it right," he shared. "We didn’t even know how much money was to be made … it was really high stakes."

For Hansen, the new season would see his daughter Many take on more responsibility by working alongside him in the wheelhouse.

“She wanted to step up for the family's sake, which we love her for," Hansen gushed. “It got very real very quickly, because some close calls were there and she was at the helm. ... I’m always biased, but I'll give her an A-."


"I'm getting more timid, more conservative, more fearful," he later added of his approach of being a captain now as opposed to when he was a younger man. "I'm not saying I got a foot out the door, but I definitely don't see things the same as when I was an aggressive younger captain.”

Deadliest Catch airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery. For those who can’t get enough of DEADLIEST CATCH, the series continues on the multi-platform Discovery GO app, where viewers can watch several exclusive interviews and digital content throughout the upcoming season.