'Dancing With the Stars' Rubbed Beyonce Fans The Wrong Way With This Shade

The judges on Dancing With the Stars clearly missed the memo about dissing Beyonce during this season's broadcast. Len Goodman decided to make some enemies during Ally Brooke's dance with Sasha Farber by saying the Fifth Harmony singer included too much "Beyonce stuff" in her performance.

It was one of many stunning decisions by the judges throughout the premiere episode, leaving fans scratching their heads and leaving Beyonce fans feeling some rage.

The singer was likely fresh in the minds of the people on the show due to her special, Beyonce Presents: Making The Gift, airing right after the premiere finished.

Goodman didn't clarify what he meant by his criticism but the score did speak volumes, with him joining with Carrie Ann Inaba to give the singer a five on her first dance. She still ended up better than Sean Spicer and Lamar Odom, but only by a bit.

For fans of the show and Beyonce, the criticism made no sense and they let that be known on social media.

"The Beyonce comments made no sense to me and I bet Len said that [because] of the way she started off her performance," one fan wrote. "What a stretch."

"So what's wrong with Beyoncé, Len? Are you threatened by strong women who aren't afraid of expressing sensuality?" another fan wrote with some anger.

"[Dancing With the Stars] NEEDS TO ISSUE A FORMAL [APOLOGY] TO BEYONCÉ BEFORE THIS SHOW IS OVER TONIGHT!" another fan wrote, noting that the singer's special was coming on next.

Some fans also pointed out that Beyonce's special was not listed on the proper schedule and came as a surprise. The schedule listed an episode of The Good Doctor on following the Dancing With the Stars premiere, leaving some excited and others puzzled.

"Is this Beyonce thing an hour cause the guide says it's supposed to be The Good Doctor," one confused fan wrote.


"After Len dissing Beyonce on [DWTS] they're playing an unscheduled Beyonce special on ABC?!" another fan added. "The guide says The Good Doctor but it's a Beyonce documentary?! Taping it. I'll have to make room for it on PVR."

It's clear that the premiere of Dancing With the Stars had a lot of things that left a bad taste in fan's mouths. The Beyonce dig from Goodman was only a small bit from a premiere full of ups and downs.