'Dancing With the Stars' Judges Don't Notice Ally Brooke's Mistake During Final Dance, But Twitter Does

Fans noticed an error in the Dancing with the Stars season finale on Monday night that the judges [...]

Fans noticed an error in the Dancing with the Stars season finale on Monday night that the judges seemed to miss. As the show pushed on through the final four couples' last dances, Twitter users chimed in about one dropped lift that the judges completely ignored. Thankfully, it did not seem to impact the final ruling.

Warning! Spoilers for Dancing with the Stars are ahead!

The two hour finale of Dancing with the Stars Season 28 saw Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten crowned champions. The other three couples — Kel Mitchell and Witney Carson, Ally Brooke and Sasha Farber and Lauren Alaina and Gleb Savchenko — put up a good show, although fans saw one mistake in Brooke and Farber's performance that went unremarked upon.

"Y'all they ignored Ally and Sasha's dropped lift lol," one fan tweeted.

"Am I the only one seeing Ally and Sasha stumbling and messing up the entire dance? COME ON," added another.

"Ally had a really strong dance but with a small slip up in a spot going through Sasha's legs there. Shouldn't that mean she gets a 9 just like Hannah got for the small almost unapparent slip up she did (that Carrie Ann didn't notice)?" a third person wrote. "I'm just saying."

In spite of the missed lift, Brooke and Farber got a 30/30 score for their Freestyle. These were not even the only mistakes of the night, as live viewers saw. At one point, host Erin Andrews mistakenly referred to Brooke as "Lauren," to her own dismay, and then during Alaina's dance, the flower's on the judge's table suddenly fell over.

For better or for worse, it was a successful season finale on DWTS. The show had renewed excitement this season with a fresh update to the rules and a crop of huge celebrity guests. The runners-up were Witney Carson and comedian Kel Mitchell, known for the classic Nickelodeon show Kenan and Kel. Brooke and Farber took third place while Alaina and Gleb Savchenko took fourth.

Earlier in the season, there were huge stars like actress Kate Flannery, known for playing Meredith on The Office, and James Van Der Beek, star of Dawson's Creek. There were also sports legends like NFL linebacker Ray Lewis and NBA forward Lamar Odom. There was controversy as well, however, as the show also welcomed former Trump administration press secretary Sean Spicer.

In spite of the revitalization this season got, Dancing with the Stars will reportedly take another spring season off in 2020. A report by Gold Derby states that ABC will probably skip the midseason DWTS for the second year in a row, bringing Season 29 in the fall instead.

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