'Dancing With the Stars' Judge Carrie Ann Inaba Opens up About Eliminating James Van Der Beek in Wake of Wife's Miscarriage

A shockwave was sent on Dancing With The Stars after one of the season's highest-scoring performers, James Van Der Beek, and his partner, Emma Slater, found themselves on the outside looking in as the top four was voted on and the judges opted not to save them over Ally Brooke and Sasha Farber.

In the video that aired before their final dance, Van Der Beek revealed that his wife suffered a miscarriage. With overwhelming emotions, the two went out and got three 9s.

"I don't know how you got through that," Inaba said through tears. "I feel silly trying to talk about your posture, but what I really do appreciate is in the midst of that and the human tragedy you're going through, you pulled up and gave me great posture."

Their performance turned out not to be enough to keep them around, however, which drew plenty of criticism from viewers of the show on social media.

On Tuesday's episode of the The Talk, Inaba opened up about her and the other judges' difficult decision to not keep the Dawson's Creek star. She said it was a "hard" choice and that "my heart is with them."

"As a human being, what he and his wife Kimberly suffered is heartbreaking and sadness in my heart for them and my prayers are with them," Inaba said. "But this is when it gets really hard. As a judge, I have to judge the dance. I know on Dancing With The Stars we show stories and we get to know they become our family and their pain is my pain... I have to judge what's happening on the dance floor and in my opinion, I had to choose who I thought was the better dancer and had come further."

Van Der Beek had a strong start to the season and kept his momentum going throughout the season. He posted the highest score (21) in the opening week and later in Week 6 with a 27. Meanwhile, Brooke and Farber overcame a slower start and tallied the first perfect score of the season and also came away with a perfect 80 out of 80 in Week 9 and another perfect score after their second dance on Monday's episode.


Despite her impressive scores and 1 in 4 odds of winning the Mirrorball, Brooke could be heard immediately after the surprise elimination asking Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews if she could give her spot to Van Der Beek.

Dancing With The Stars will air its season finale on Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.