'Dancing With the Stars' Alum Jana Kramer Discovers Topless Photo of Mystery Woman on Husband's Phone

Former Dancing With The Stars contestant Jana Kramer revealed in a new episode of her podcast with husband Mike Caussin that she discovered a topless photo of a mystery woman on his phone. The revelation was part of an emotional episode, in which the One Tree Hill star talked about finding other racy texts Caussin received from another woman. The couple have had a difficult relationship, with Caussin cheating on Kramer multiple times in the past.

In Monday's episode of Whine Down, Kramer said she found the inappropriate texts on Caussin's Apple Watch, reports TooFab. She then checked his phone and saw they were deleted. She texted the person back and got an automated response, so she believed it was a bot. Still, that did not put Caussin in the clear and she confronted him.

Caussin said he deleted the texts because he did not want to respond to the number, but did not tell Kramer about it because he didn't want to reopen old wounds.

"On Saturday, we had some friends in town, about to go out for a date night," Caussin said. "I receive this text message from this number I don't recognize. I open it up, it's a picture of a female..."

"Large boobs, top off," Kramer pointed out.

The former football player continued, noting that the photo had "weird writing" underneath that read "Oh, let's try to meet up this time." Caussin said he did not know this person.

Caussin admitted he should have told Kramer, but was not sure how she would take it.

"So then yesterday, I don't know what inspired Jana, but she saw my Apple Watch and saw the text message on there," Caussin explained. "So then when she compared it to my phone, she thought I was just being sneaky and deleting it."

He continued, "I understand and I truly am empathetic to the fact that her seeing something that was deleted, that wasn't brought to her attention by me in a healthy way, is extremely triggering. It's a boundary to not delete things, something we have mutually discussed and agreed on... It's one of those things that's just, difficult to navigate."

Kramer said she does not always go through Caussin's phone, but her "gut" told her to take a look this time.

"Every time I've had that intuition, it tells me to look — and I always find something," she said.

Caussin and Kramer started dating in August 2014, but broke up after she discovered he cheated on her. They got back together and married less than a year later. hey broke up again in September 2016 because Caussin cheated, but they reconciled and even renewed their vows in December 2017. Last year, Caussin said he had a "sex addiction relapse." The couple have two children, Jolie, 3, and Jace, 10 months.

After publishing the podcast episode, Kramer took to Instagram to share a long statement, asking people to be kind after they listen. She revealed the two almost did not want to release the episode.

"In the beginning of the ep I truly tried to put the acting chops on and play cool but it’s evident as the episode went on that didn’t happen," Kramer wrote. "We decided to open the door into what happened and woah did we let it all out. Those of you may not understand the trauma and the pain around what we talked about and openly shared so please be nice and know we ended up keeping the episode because we hope it can help. See that’s the thing. None of this has been easy with our shares but we just hope along the way we are able to help others out there not feel so alone."


She continued, "Reality is no matter what you’ve been through marriage can be a difficult walk especially with added triggers and pain...but know this, ur not alone in that walk and we are here rooting y’all on. Be kind to us as honestly we are embarrassed by how fresh and raw this episode was. Also. Because the podcast didn’t end great...today we are good, and have grown stronger from it. See that’s the thing, if you’re both willing to fight you can get stronger on the other side. Love y’all and really appreciate the support."

Photo credit: Rich Fury/Getty Images for iHeartMedia