'Dancing With the Stars' Fans Are Outraged Over the Show's Judges Low Scoring

Considering that Lamar Odom walked off the dance floor with one of the lowest scores in the history of Dancing With the Stars, it shouldn't be a surprise that fans were upset with the show's judges.

The premiere of season 28 of the long-running reality competition featured some stunning performances and fans were enjoying themselves. Then the judges started to hand out scores and things got heated.

This season changed a bit of the scoring and methods the judges were able to determine their scores with, including a focus on the more technical aspects of dancing.

"Why are these judges scoring so low?" one fan asked on Twitter.

"They have new rules and standards to follow this season," another fan answered. "So it's more about the DANCING technique vs a popularity contest."

The judges on [Dancing With the Stars] are too tough for the first dance... jeepers

Other fans were calling out the judges for being too tough on the first time around.

"The judges on [Dancing With the Stars] are too tough for the first dance...jeepers," one fan noted mid-show.

Some fans were very upset for one contestant in particular after his performance fared poorly in the judges eyes despite its high energy.

"Those judges were WAY too hard on Karamo he was amazing and this was one of the funniest routines of the night!" one outraged fan wrote. "Aside from Kel he is the best guy so far [what the f---]."


"How the f--- did Mary Wilson's slow a-- get the same score as Karamo? The judges were waaaay too harsh on him & Ray," a second fan wrote.

We'll have to see if this has an effect on voting in the coming weeks or if the judges will remain committed to their work.