'Dancing With the Stars': Conservative Viewers Irked at Sean Spicer's Elimination

After escaping the bottom two for weeks, Sean Spicer finally got the boot from Dancing with the Stars on the Monday night episode. Spicer had consistently received the lowest scores in the competition but managed to try his hardest each week with partners Lindsay Arnold and Jenna Johnson. While many were pleased to see that the former White House Press Secretary was eliminated from the competition, there were just as many people who were a bit disappointed to see him go.

One DWTS viewer said that the ratings for the ABC series would drop following Spicer’s elimination, saying “I only watched #DWTS to support Sean Spicer. Now that the judges dropped him, ratings will drop. good job, Sean! You were fun to watch!”

Another fan urged Spicer to ignore the “haters,” writing, “Good job trying @seanspicer Forget the haters. #DWTS I bet you won over some people with your kind heart.”

One Twitter user claimed that Spicer kept his head held high even after receiving “ridiculous treatment” from the judges, writing, “Are y'all happy now? @seanspicer showed so much class in the face of ridiculous treatment by the judges. I was happy he lasted a couple weeks after the liberals swore to get him out week one.”

Some fans even expressed anger over the situation by tweeting that they were done watching the show now that Spicer has been eliminated.

One Twitter user wrote, “@ABC stick a fork in me because I am DONE watching #DWTS after Sean Spicer was unfairly voted off on Veteran's Day. If you ever, and I mean ever, want Real Americans like me to watch your show again, you will bring Sean back for All Stars and give him a fair chance.”

Shortly after the episode aired, Spicer’s former boss, President Donald Trump, tweeted about DWTS’ latest elimination. He wrote, “A great try by @seanspicer . We are all proud of you!"

Earlier in the evening, the president tweeted his support for the contestant and even urged his supporters to vote for him. Trump tweeted that everyone should “vote for Sean” and that “He is a great and very loyal guy who is working very hard.” The tweet has subsequently been deleted.


From beginning to end, Spicer’s DWTS journey was a total mixed bag. ABC’s decision to cast Spicer on this season of DWTS was originally met with controversy. DWTS’ host, Tom Bergeron, even spoke out about the decision, writing that he was originally against casting anyone with overt political affiliations.

Ultimately, despite all of the controversy, Spicer did make it all the way to the Quarterfinals round of the competition with the help of many of his biggest supporters who voted him to safety week after week.