'Dance Moms' Alum Maddie Ziegler Debuts First Ever Tattoo for 18th Birthday

Dance Moms alum Maddie Ziegler is showing off some new ink in celebration of her birthday. The talented dancer just turned 18 and in honor of that, she decided to get her first tattoo. The new body art reads "Frances" which is her grandmother's name.

"[Tonya Brewer] gave me the best birthday present ever!!" she wrote via Instagram. "Thank you [Dr. Woo] for the most perfect first tattoo." She not only showed the final product, but she also shared the process with her fans.

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Several of her fans took to the comment section to show their love and support for the new body art. "Looks amazing," one person wrote, while someone else echoed, "SO CUTE." Her boyfriend Eddie Benjamin even stepped in to show his girl a little love on her exciting new step.

In July, singer Sia opened up about her relationship with the Dance Moms alum. During an interview on the Zach Song Show, the artist revealed how protective she is over the 18-year-old, even stepping in when convicted rapist and former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein allegedly invited Ziegler on his plane. "I kept her off a plane that Harvey Weinstein tried to get her on," she revealed. "I know there's times where my insight has really made a difference, like kept her safe." She continued and admitted that the whole situation was "disgusting" noting that she called Ziegler's mother about the invite. "Please don't, do not do that," she recalled.


Because the two have been working together since Ziegler was 11 years old, Sia said she's felt "this extreme compulsion to protect her" that hasn't changed over the years. "I just love her as a mother," she detailed. While Sia, for many years, disguised her real image by covering her face with a wig every time she would perform and in every music video. Up until recently, fans didn't know her actual identity until she started revealing it. While she was trying to stay away from the spotlight during her off-hours, she says Ziegler was ready for fame.

"She would say to me, 'Don't be silly, I was already famous and I wanted to be famous.' And I would say, 'And you know, it can stop at any time, right? If you want it to stop, I can make it stop. you can just go back to being a normal person again.' But she just said, 'No, I love performing. I love dancing, and I love acting so much.'"