'Counting On': John David Duggar Tackles Unconventional Reception Venue, Restroom Troubles

John David Duggar and Abbie Grace Burnett are planning their wedding on Counting On and surprisingly running into restroom troubles at their unconventional venue.

In a preview for the newest episode, the couple take Jana Duggar, friend Laura DeMasie and Abbie's sister Karina to the airplane hangar where they decided to have their wedding reception.

"We have chosen to have our wedding reception in an airplane hangar because I'm a pilot and she's a pilot's bride," John David told the camera.

"So it's kind of fitting," Abbie chimed in.

John David said it will also be the perfect venue because they could fit the 1,000 guests they plan on inviting.

Abbie later told a producer she never dreamed of having a wedding with 1,000 guests, since that is two-thirds of her town's population.

While scoping out the venue, the couple discover one big problem with having a wedding party at an airplane hangar: there are no bathrooms!

"Everyone's going to have to hold it," Abbie joked.

However, John David was serious, noting they would probably have to rent trailers and port-a-potties.

The other Duggar children had several guesses for the number of bathrooms they would need for 1,000 guests, but Joy-Anna Duggar had the best response.

"Just don't serve any tea or anything and people will be fine with two," she said with a smile.

Later, John David assured producers they would have enough bathrooms because "people have to relieve themselves, and you want them doing it in the proper place. Otherwise, it gets messy."

John David, 28, and Abbie, 26, married in November, and it sounds like needing to bring portable bathrooms to the reception did not stop it from being a "beautiful" ceremony.

"We are so excited to be married!" the couple told Us Weekly after the wedding. "It was a beautiful moment and we so appreciate our friends and family for sharing this day with us. Most of all we are thankful to Christ for bringing us together. This is going to be an amazing journey!"

John David and Abbie announced their courtship in June 2018. They met in Oklahoma when John David visited for a church event. John David surprised Abbie with an airplane-themed proposal.

"John did incredible," Jana said in a previous Counting On episode. "It was a success and it was a surprise. Abbie didn't realize it was here and this was the moment until she actually looked at the room. It was good!"


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Photo credit: Instagram/John David and Abbie Duggar