Jessa Duggar Mommy-Shamed for 'Letting' Spurgeon Throw Phone Into Toilet

Once again, Jessa (Duggar) Seewald is finding herself mom-shamed on social media.

The Counting On star's Instagram followers took to the comment section under a cute series of photos of Seewald's kids to give some unsolicited parenting advice.

Seewald took to the social media platform to share a story in which her 2-year-old son Spurgeon seemingly dropped husband Ben Seewald's phone in the toilet.

"Out shopping for groceries - AND - a new phone for Dad, since the 2-year-old did an experiment of sink or swim... in the toilet. It did not swim," Seewald wrote in a caption of the two boys in the parents' shopping carts.

"'Mommy, fix it!' 'Umm...did you spill water?' Ben: There's water on the rim of the toilet. Screen was black. Phone was boiling hot and completely fried," Seewald wrote, implying that Spurgeon dropped the phone in the toilet.

"Ha! Parents can attest, sometimes you gotta laugh so you don't cry," she continued. "Can't stay mad for more than a sec tho... he's such a cute little stinker!"

The anecdote thrilled many of Seewald's followers, with many chiming in that the same thing happened to them, but one commenter took the moment to preach a lesson.

"I'm just sending out a warning that it takes 10 seconds for a child to drowned in a toilet and I know this from personal experience so yes if he was allowed to be in there with the toilet seat open on attended that they didn't know what he was doing I feel the need to give a fair warning," one follower wrote.

"scaery that he was in the bathroom playing in the toilet without supervision.... takes 10 seconds to drown in a toilet unattended... please watch henry closer......" one person said.

But other fans think it's silly to criticize the 25-year-old mom about something they don't know all the facts about.

"No one said he wasn't supervised," a follower added. "My son threw my phone in the toilet with me in the bathroom with him. Toddlers are fast!"

Another wrote, "It hurts my heart to scroll past some of these nasty comments above. You're a great mama, don't ever forget that."

"How come everytime anyone tells a funny story, it ends with people warning about germs, and drowning... we all survived massive 'mistakes'. The odds are in our favor," another person said.

This isn't Seewald's first time dealing with mom-shamers. In October, she was criticized on social media for sharing photos of her boys playing outside in the autumn weather without shoes or socks.

"I suppose you're not at least worried if getting their feet cut, bitten by fire ants or any other bugs that bites," one person said. "Or how about broken pieces glasses, rust nails, to name a few."

Luckily, other Counting On fans defended Seewald for letting her kids run around barefoot.


"My kids never wore shoes out in the yard," one person clapped back. "It's ok to put your feet in the grass and even play in the mud. Keeps our immune system strong."

"Her kids, her decisions," another said. "You can tell they are well taken care of...It's not abuse or neglect for a kid to be without shoes."