'Counting On' Fans Worried for Jana Duggar's Safety Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Counting On fans are voicing their concerns for Jana Duggar's health amid the coronavirus pandemic. The TLC reality TV star has stepped up to aid in relief efforts following the devastating EF-3 tornado that struck Jonesboro, Arkansas on March 28, destroying dozens of structures and injuries several people. After Duggar shared a photo of herself hard at work with several other volunteers, some fans express their concerns over the lack of social distancing.

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"Arkansas is an immensely special place to me. It is HOME! So when a tornado hit Jonesboro, Arkansas, last weekend I knew I wanted to volunteer to help those who had lost their homes," Duggar captioned the post, in which she was seen wearing a face mask. "My heart goes out to the families, businesses and communities affected by the tornado! But I know from experience that people in Arkansas come together, and I was proud to see so many people there to offer a helping hand! My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Jonesboro!"

Shortly after the Counting On star shared the post on Wednesday, several fans took to the comments section with their worries.

"This is devastating. Pls know you still need to physical distance by 6'," wrote one person. "You're all way too close together. The last thing this community is going to need is to be hit with a surge of Covid cases."

"Six feet rule not being enforced!" pointed out a second.

"You need to take this pandemic seriously," added a third person. "You are not only putting yourself at risk. You are putting your loved ones and many more people at risk for COVID-19."

Several more, however, applauded Duggar's decision to lend a helping hand in spite of the current pandemic.

"This goes to show in a time of darkness and scariness light shines through," commented one fan. "A true blessing from God. Thoughts and prayers sent to people in Arkansas."


"Social distancing doesn't mean you can't do the Lord's work!!" added another person. "Keep up the [good] work."

As part of its coronavirus guidelines, the White House and the Trump administration recommends social distancing, something that is also being recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It is recommended that people remain at least six feet apart and that people attempt to avoid gatherings.