'Counting On' Alum Derick Dillard Seemingly Shades Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar Amid Reported Family Feud

Derick Dillard appeared to take a subtle shot at his in-laws, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar in a Facebook comment this week. The Duggar parents made a Facebook post celebrating Dillard's birthday on Monday, March 10, saying they were "thankful" for him. Because of their ongoing family feud, Dillard found that hard to believe.

Dillard turned 31 years old on Monday, and the whole Duggar family marked the occasions. That included Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, who operate the "Duggar Family Official" Facebook page. They shared a few photos of Dillard with his wife Jill and their children, along with a messsage.

"Happy birthday, Derick!" it said. "We're so thankful for you! You're a loving husband to our sweet Jill, and a wonderful daddy to your boys. May God bless you in this new year!!"

Fans launched into wild speculation, filling the comment section with questions and rumors about the Duggars' feud with Dillard and Jill. Before long, Dillard himself weighed in.

"I thought the Duggers were shunning Derrick and Jill?" a fan commented. "I seriously doubt this is from JB and Michelle. I think Derrick and Jill are great, and [I'm] glad they are living life!!"

"No, the network cut them out because of his opinion on the Jazz show," added another. It had nothing to do with the family."

It was here that Dillard cut in, writing: "I have to respectfully disagree."

Dillard did not say anything more specific than that, though he did "like" another comment further down, suggesting that the birthday post was "damage control" by Jim Bob and Michelle. Meanwhile, others addressed their commentary to the Duggar parents directly, urging them to treat Dillard and Jill better.

"You've treated him and Jill horribly because your love is conditional, and your brand is more important to you than your children. Can't wait for that book, Derick!" one person wrote.

"Derick... Sad we don't see y'all on TV... but AWESOME that you speak the TRUTH about the crap on TLC," added another.

Others were more optimistic, hoping that this was the beginning of the Duggars forgiving Dillard and Jill and welcoming them back into the fold.


"Maybe this means that they'll stop shunning/shutting out Jill/Derrick/the boys. ...Not even allowing ...his own daughter and grandsons at his home unless he's present because of something her husband did/said isn't very godly, now is it?"

There is no word yet on when new episodes of Counting On will air on TLC.