Comedian Mo Mandel Visits US Towns With Tough Reputations in New Series 'Small Town Throwdown,' Get an Exclusive First Look

Comedian Mo Mandel is on a mission to discover the truth about places in America with some of the worst reputations, starring in Discovery's all-new series, Small Town Throwdown, premiering Wednesday, May 20 at 10 p.m. ET, PopCulture can exclusively announce. Tracking down the real stories behind places dubbed "The Most Boring Town in America," "Smelliest Town in America" and "Drunkest Town in America," Mandel hopes to give these communities a chance to show just how special they are.

"A lot of the time, the writers that are trashing these towns have never even bothered to pay them a visit. So I'm showing up, and giving the towns a chance to show how unique and awesome they really are. I'm ready to roll up my sleeves, and help every community get the credit it deserves," said Mandel, who has lent his comedic skills to shows like Conan and Chelsea Lately.

Mo Mandel
(Photo: Discovery)

Growing up in the small town of Boonville, California, Mandel knows firsthand the assumptions made about misunderstood towns, and is jumping at the chance to give these places a chance to defend their reputation. After every trip, he'll also be publishing an article in USA Today about his experience there, which will include taking on some of the town's most unique activities.

PopCulture has an exclusive sneak peek of Mandel's trip to Lubbock, Texas, named "The Most Boring Town in America," where he learns the ropes of the competitive intercollegiate sport of "meat judging," from the students at Texas Tech. "If you're wondering what's going on, I am right there with you. Feel kind of like I've wandered into a cult," Mandel quips of the meat judging team he finds himself learning from, which has won multiple national championships.


While he might not necessarily nail the first test of his meat judging skills, he walks away with a different understanding of the sport and of Lubbock as a whole. "Think I'm starting to get Lubbock," he muses. "It's not exactly boring, it's just fun in a different way. A bloodier, meatier, more Texas way."

Don't miss the series premiere of Small Town Throwdown on Wednesday, May 20, at 10 PM ET/PT on Discovery. Small Town Throwdown is produced for Discovery Channel by Storied Media Group & Free 90 Media. Executive produced are Aaron Fishman, Todd Hoffman, Patrick Calligiuri, Mo Mandel, Brad Wollack and Tom Brunelle. For Discovery Channel, Executive Producer is Gretchen Morning and Associate Producer is Jessica Mollo.