Christina Anstead Opens up About Her Autoimmune Disease in Video With 4-Month-Old Son Hudson

Flip or Flop star Christina Anstead opened up about her fight with her autoimmune disease in an [...]

Flip or Flop star Christina Anstead opened up about her fight with her autoimmune disease in an Instagram video co-starring husband Ant Anstead and their 4-month-old son Hudson London. Anstead showed off the supplements she uses to help her get through the day. She also spoke with fans in the comments, revealing some more details on how she treats her autoimmune condition.

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During the first part of the video, Anstead explained the NatureWise supplements she now uses on a daily basis to help. She later brought in Ant, who was carrying Hudson, and explained that his New Year's resolution was to get "more fit."

"Oh my gosh, are you listening to this Hudson?" Ant asked their son, who looked unenthused. "Did daddy have a good Christmas? Listen, it's vitamins. Can you say vitamins?"

Ant then took the supplement Anstead was talking about and rushed out of the camera's view.

"With having autoimmune issues and a new baby, I need all the help I can get," Anstead explained in the caption. "Supplements are key for me to feeling my best. I take a ton of supplements and [NatureWise] is my go to brand. This brand reflects my healthy lifestyle- their supplements are clean, all- natural, gluten free, and non-GMO. They also ensure all their ingredients are organically and sustainably sourced whenever possible!"

Later, one fan asked Anstead which autoimmune disease she has, and received a detailed answer from the Christina on the Coast star.

"I have [hashimoto] thyroid disease and PCOS - as well as skin flare ups when I eat certain foods," she explained.

"I have hashis too and only diagnosed 6 months ago," another fan wrote. "I got so sick [after] 2nd baby. Finally better and I take nature [thyroid] now and take supplements and very strict diet. [Thanks] for the info! And always nice to hear im not the only mama struggling with auto immune and we can help each other."

"After babies those of us with autoimmune issues - our bodies go into shock - so important to stay on top of it," Anstead replied.

Another fan asked Anstead if she sees a naturopathic doctor. "I love my naturopathic doctors!!" the HGTV designer replied. "I go to Newport Integrative Health (Dr. Peggy Branson) for my autoimmune stuff and Harmony Wellness Clinic in San Juan Capistrano - [Dr. Kaisa Coppola] for all my supplements and eczema issues."

Anstead, 36, and Ant, 40, welcomed Hudson in September. Anstead and her ex-husband, Flip or Flop co-star Tarek El Moussa, are also parents to Bradyen James, 4, and Taylor Reese, 9. Ant, a British television host, has to children from a previous relationship, Amelie Rose, 16, and Archie, 13.