'Chrisley Knows Best' Daughter Savannah Struggles With Insecurities After Break Up

Even months after her split from NBA player Luke Kennard, Chrisley Knows Best daughter Savannah Chrisley was still dealing with some hurt feelings about the relationship.

During Tuesday's all-new episode of the USA Network series, brother Chase Chrisley gives a unneeded update on Kennard's romantic life, showing his sister a photo of her ex with another woman, saying, "It didn't take your ex long to move on."

"Who are we talking about?" dad Todd Chrisley says. "Douchebag?"

Savannah, however, is less enthused about the news.

"First off, why did you even have to bring that up?" she asks Chase. "I wouldn't do that to you."

Chase replies, "I thought you'd want to know! I'm just looking out for you!"

"How are you looking out for me?" Savannah fires back. "I dropped that months ago."

She continues, "I feel like it's hard as a girl to watch a guy move on. ...If I wanted to see [the Instagram post], then I would follow him."

Todd tries to point out that the end of Kennard's relationship with his daughter is something he prayed for every night: "Lord, protect my daughter from douchebags. Protect my son from hoes."

But it's not about Kennard, exactly.

"It's not even about him!" Savannah explains later. "I could give a crap less about what he does. It's so much deeper than that."

In an attempt to get back in his sister's good graces, Chase concocts a plot to pretend to be her secret admirer, which will give her the attention she wants, he hypothesizes. Savannah quickly sees through his plan, but appreciates the nice gesture.

She also reveals what her real issue is to a close friend over dinner.

"It's left that I'm comparing myself to other people, like I'm not good enough," she said. "I just want to truly take my mind off of it and stop comparing myself."

The friend recommends that she simply keep living her life, going out to have fun and enjoy her youth.

Since filming, Savannah has clearly moved on even more. She is now dating Anaheim Ducks player Nic Kerdiles, and the two even appeared in a music video together earlier this week.

"[Things] are awesome. He's great, he's so sweet and so supportive of what I do, and just wants what's best for me, whether it's traveling for work, the next opportunity," she told Us Weekly in May.

Even her family likes the new beau!

"I do [approve]," Todd added. "I like Nic." Her brother Chase is also on board with the relationship, adding that Kerdiles is "a nice guy."


Chrisley Knows Best airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA Network.

Photo credit: Instagram/Savannah Chrisley