'Chrisley Knows Best' Fans Sound off on Family's 'Dr. Phil' Squabble

Chrisley Knows Best fans are weighing in on Lindsie's appearance on Dr. Phil this week, and the potential scandal it raised. Lindsie Chrisley sat down with Phil McGraw to talk about the charges against her family and the lawsuit recently filed by her estranged father. She claims that it is full of holes, but not all of her fans agree.

Chrisley was on Dr. Phil this week responding to allegations that she had a personal relationship with the Director of the Georgia Department of Revenue's Office of Special Investigation, Joshua Waites. Her father, Todd Chrisley, made the case that Waites intentionally became close with Lindsie to exploit her strong feelings.

Lindsie has been estranged from the other Chrisleys for a long time. However, she told McGraw that she never had any relationship with Waites at all. Furthermore, she claimed that her father has tried to coerce and blackmail her into line, and this is just one more tactic. Given some recent revelations, fans were prone to believe her.

"Todd's entire family is fame and money hungry," one Facebook commenter wrote. "I believe every thing this girl says."

"Look what they did to [their] son... I believe the [Chrisleys] only think about [them]selves as long as you do what they want you to do it's all ok... If you stand up to them then it's not," added another. "They are controlling."

Other fans found it hard to believe Lindsie against the rest of the large family, especially since Todd, Julie and the rest are highly visible on TV. They thought that there was a more personal root to this issue that was not being addressed.

"Her body language tells me she is full of herself and mad about something that can be handled in therapy with her family who would never turn her back on her as she has done," one fan speculated.

Finally, others were horrified by all the drama, and simply wished the best outcome for the whole family.

"Sometimes family is the ones who turn on you when you no longer can afford to do things for them," someone commented. They get mad and want to hurt you with lies. Good luck to you all."

Last week, Todd and Julie Chrisley filed a lawsuit against the Georgia Department of Revenue's Office, claiming that Waites had gone after them for the nororiety it would bring. They provided text messages showing that he and Lindsie had an apparently social relationship, and that she was a "willing participant" in Waites' efforts to bring them down.


Lindsie told McGraw that that is not true. Her attorney also told Entertainment Weekly that she is not the source of the information that led to her parents' indictment for tax evasion. Todd and Julie Chrisley have settled a $2 million state tax evasion case with Georgia, but they are still facing charges for federal tax evasion.