Chip Gaines Lets His and Joanna Gaines' Daughters Braid His Hair in Sweet Father's Day Post

Chip Gaines was feeling the love from his family on Father's Day! The Fixer Upper star, 46, was praised as the "best kind of dad" in a sweet Instagram tribute by wife Joanna Gaines as he lounged on the couch watching a baseball game while daughters Ella, 14, and Emmie, 11, braided his long hair. "You're the best kind of dad," Joanna, 43, captioned the shots.

"The kind that lets his daughters french braid his hair right before you take them shopping (even if the College World Series is on)," she continued. "We sure love you [Chip Gaines]." Chip quipped back in the comments about his appearance, "This is the way I want it to be when i go meet Jesus.. and by the way I'm looking here it might be fairly soon."

Joanna also shared an adorable photo of the father-of-five snuggling 2-year-old son Crew during "nap time" on the couch, but Chip joked he was not feeling how he looked in all these sweet family pictures. "K…. I'm going to have our attorney draw up a cease-and-desist re: your insta. Or at the very least a 1st look option period," he wrote in the comments of his wife's Instagram. "Either these angles you are catching of me are extremely unflattering (did you see my legs in the previous post??) OR I've gotten really unattractive the last several months."

Chip and Joanna first married in 2003 and have since gone on to build a career together with their HGTV series and upcoming Magnolia Network. In a recent Super Soul special interview with Oprah Winfrey, Chip praised Joanna for the effect she's had on his life. "Jo has just kind of grounded me in this place to where it's almost like, when I die or I'm on my deathbed, what I'll say, looking back, is, 'I owe you my life because you settled me down,'" he said.


"I'm more operational [and can] click into, like, a robotic mode and just show up and do the thing and forget the why a lot of the times - forget the joy," Joanna added of Chip's influence on her. "To find the joy in that moment. And Chip is always teaching me if you're not having fun, if you're not enjoying and savoring these moments, then why are you doing it? And he also pushes me to do it."