'Celebrity Big Brother' Reveals Why Anthony Scaramucci Left Before Eviction

Celebrity Big Brother's latest episode finally explained why Anthony Scaramucci left the house before the first live eviction.

The Former White House Press Secretary, who expressed his desire to make his time on the CBS series longer than his tenure in the White House, shockingly left the Big Brother house just six days after entering the house under mysterious circumstances.

Ahead of Friday's live eviction, the game revealed yet another big twist. Lochte revealed at another meeting that the game would be introducing Breaking News Alerts, random twists that could change the game with no warning.

The first one, announced by Entertainment Tonight's Kevin Frazier, revealed that one of the houseguests is not a real competitor. At that moment, Scaramucci said via video that he was a part of a twist planned for the season.

"Just like I left my mark on Washington, I'm going to leave my mark on the Big Brother game. First off, from this moment on, I'm out of the house," he said, letting them know the other houseguests are one step closer to winning the game.

"The Big Brother house is just like my experience in Washington, you get judged quickly before people really know who you are, and you never get a second chance."

Scaramucci then turned the game on its head when he announced the current nominees would participate in a second veto competition that could see Tom Green and Jonathan Bennett from elimination.

Scaramucci also let Lochte know he could pick a third nominee for eviction given his exit. At that moment he picked Kandi Burruss

Fans first noticed "The Mooch" had left the house Tuesday night, when the show's live feeds went live. Viewers could hear the other celebrities wondering when his photo would turn black and white after his mysterious exit, and no explanation was given at the time.

Ahead of the episode, the reality competition series teased that one celebrity would leave the house prior to the eviction, and as many suspected it turned out to be Scaramucci.

News of his early exit leaked shortly after he was nominated for eviction by Head of Household Ryan Lochte on Tuesday night's episode, joining actor Bennett and comedian Green.

The businessman surfaced at a conference in Davos, Switzerland on Wednesday, but did not reveal the reason behind his exit at the time.

"I just left the Big Brother house... you have to tune in Friday to understand what happened," he said in a video posted by TMZ. "Unfortunately I signed a confidentiality [agreement], but there's a little bit of a cliffhanger."

During his time in the Big Brother house, Scaramucci made a few comments regarding his short time working on President Donald Trump's administration.

When he was asked if he would consider returning to work at the White House after being fired just 10 days since assuming his position, Scaramucci said: "If I'm really being totally objective, there's no chance I would get invited back, because [I'm] not really a politician. He's surrounded by politicians; he's surrounded by Washington operatives, so they really don't want people from his neck of the wood around."

When Green asked the Mooch if he thought Trump was "draining the swamp" well, he replied, "I think the swamp may not have a drain."


With Scaramucci out early, the show still revealed whether Green or Bennett exited the Big Brother House at the end of the episode.

Celebrity Big Brother returns with a new episode Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.