'Celebrity Big Brother' Fans Complain About 'Filler' Episode Before Finale

Celebrity Big Brother viewers were not happy with Monday night's penultimate episode. Rather than [...]

Celebrity Big Brother viewers were not happy with Monday night's penultimate episode. Rather than naming a new Head of Household or even new houseguests to evict, it was "filler" that had fans complaining.

The episode kicked off with Ricky Williams telling everyone the show is now in its fourth quarter. He is the only man left in the house. The other four in the Final Five are Dina Lohan, Kandu Burruss, Lolo Jones and Tamar Braxton.

As the group was preparing to sit down for an elaborate dinner, the doorbell rang. Sugar Ray singer Mark McGrath, who appeared in the first Celebrity Big Brother season, showed up to serve champagne and guide the houseguests' discussion on their experiences this past season.

After more than 50 minutes of reminiscing with McGrath, the HoH competition finally began. Last season's winner, Marissa Jaret Winokur, introduced a theater-themed competition. In the game "Bats The Musical," the houseguests had to hit a button to magnetize a puzzle board, then swing across a chasm. They had only seconds to finish the puzzle before the board demagnetized. The celebrities could swing back to reset their time, but would be eliminated if they could not get back to their puzzle in time.

Unfortunately, the episode ended without telling viewers who won the HoH or who will be up for eviction during the first live vote in the finale. Instead, the episode ended in the middle of the game, with Braxton standing on one side of the game room because of her fear of heights. Eventually, she did swing across to start playing after everyone else began.

This ending did not make fans happy.

While the game went on, Williams told the camera the Final Five is now split into two camps heading into the finale: Jones, Williams and Braxton are on one side, with Burruss and Lohan on the other.

The two-hour season finale airs on Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

Photo credit: CBS