Celebrity Big Brother Evicts Second Houseguest

Celebrity Big Brother's live Monday episode ended this week with Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte getting eliminated.

At the end of Sunday's episode, Head of the Household Kato Kaelin nominated Dina Lohan and Tamar Braxton for eviction. However, Kaelin also announced plans to backdoor Lochte.

Lohan started tearing up at the idea of getting evicted, but Kaelin was really scheming to keep Lohan safe.

Meanwhile, Braxton was enraged after Kaelin suggested she could go home to be with her son. During Sunday's episode, audiences also saw Braxton start to pack up after an argument with Olympian Lolo Jones. By Monday though, tempers cooled and both Natalie Eva Marie and Jones assured Braxton they would be there for her.

Later, Kaelin apologized to Braxton for his comments, insisting it was not malicious. During the conversation, Kaelin struggled to figure out how to talk to her without letting his backdooring of Lochte revealed.

Then, Tom Green hatched a plan for an alliance with Kaelin, Jones and Eva Marie. Jones was desperate to join an alliance, so she jumped at the opportunity. Kaelin then explained his plan to backdoor Lochte. The four bought into the idea because they believe Lochte has the best chance of winning. Unfortunately, Lochte overheard the whole thing and the four decided they could no longer meet together.

The Power of Veto competition was "Worldwide Rollout," where each celebrity had to toss a ball on a table with countries to knock the ball around. The ball needed to land in a slot at the end of the table with the amount of money their movie would make on opening weekend.

Green and Braxton tied with $35 million, meaning there would be a shootout. With his shot, Green got $70 million, beating Braxton and granting him the Power of Veto.

Green chose to use the power of veto to save Lohan, forcing Kaeto to nominate Lochte.

Lochte was eliminated 6-1, leaving Jones as the only Olympian left on the show.

"It's been real guys," Lochte said after hearing the news.

During the interview with Julie Chen Moonves, Lochte admitted he made some early mistakes when he was Head of Household with his choice of allies. He insisted there were no hard feelings and Big Brother was just a game. However, he would much rather return to Olympic swimming than spend another day in the Big Brother house.


So far, the second season of Celebrity Big Brother has been eventful after its first week. The biggest twist was former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci being enlisted as a houseguest just to be leave before the first eviction. He was never a real competitor, but part of the "Breaking News Alerts" random twists.

The next episode of Celebrity Big Brother airs on Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.