'Celebrity Big Brother' Crowns Season 2 Winner, Names America's Favorite Houseguest

Celebrity Big Brother found its Season 2 winner following a dramatic two-hour finale.

Wednesday night's finale saw Dina Lohan, Kandi Burruss, Ricky Williams, Tamar Braxton and Lolo Jones compete in the final games of the season before all the eliminated houseguests voted for the winner. In the end, Braxton was crowned the Season 2 winner.

Host Julie Chen also announced Tom Green as winner of America's Favorite Houseguest later in the episode.

The Head of Household competition, a combined game of athletics and brains, ended up with former NFL player Williams ended up with the power. The show wasted no time after the competition and Williams quickly announced he had nominated Lohan and Burruss for the next eviction.

Ahead of the veto competition, Williams and Braxton agreed to be each other's Final Two. Williams also revealed that should the nominees get themselves off the block, he would aim to get Jones eliminated.

The "museum robbery" veto competition involved houseguests remembering past games, and using their skills to retrieve items in the fastest time possible. With the game on the line, the remaining houseguests competed one-by-one and attempted to secure their safety. In the end, Jones ended up winning the power of veto.

Jones struggled with her decision of whether or not to use the power of veto, and getting Tamar off the block. At the ceremony, Jones made the decision to leave the nominations as they were. The first live eviction of the night ended in a tie, with Williams choosing to send Burruss out of the house and keeping Lohan to compete.

Outside of the house, Burruss told Chen that she never thought she would make it this far in the competition and said she was grateful to the reality competition series for helping her mend fences with Braxton.

The Final Head of Household competition featured the houseguests competing in a game of memory. After a tie-breaking question, Williams ended up as the last Head of Household of the season.

After hearing the pleas from his competitors, Williams chose to compete for the final prize against Braxton, evicting Jones and Lohan from the competition. During an emotional exit interview, Jones revealed she was at a loss for words and felt Williams' betrayal of their alliance might have broken their friendship.

The Final Two then faced the jury of the evicted houseguests, who questioned the finalists before casting their final votes for the winner. When asked why she should be picked, Braxton said that she was proud of her game throughout the season but refused to talk Williams down. Williams said he both competed well and was able to help out other competitors during the game, and the way he navigated those relationships to get to the Final Two was his strength.


After the jury got to reflect on the past season, Chen announced the winner of the $250,000 cash prize was Braxton in a unanimous vote. Williams received $50,000 for ending up in second place. With her win, Braxton broke a famous Big Brother curse, as this is the first time that the first houseguest to enter the house for the season ended up winning the season.

Celebrity Big Brother has not been officially renewed for a third season.