'Catfish': Bizarre Love Triangle Throws Nev Schulman and Kamie Crawford (Exclusive)

In an exclusive sneak peek of the next Catfish: The TV Show episode, Nev Schulman and Kamie Crawford are introduced to 25-year-old Ontario native Brittany. She explained to the hosts that she got a message from a man named Mark about three years prior. While she wasn't "feeling him" at first, the two reconnected this past March and have formed a close relationship after chatting online. But, since this is Catfish here, Brittany has her suspicions about Mark.

Brittany explained over email that she and Mark actually live near one another. However, Mark always has an excuse for why they can't meet up in person. Interestingly enough, Brittany shared that she and Mark do have a friend in common, who was able to vouch for him. Still, she needs Schulman and Crawford's help to find out whether Mark is the real deal. When Brittany sat down to chat with the hosts over video chat, she shared even more details about the situation.

Brittany explained that Mark reached out to her over Facebook to tell her that he saw a nude photo of her on a revenge site. Brittany, noting that she and Mark did not share any mutual friends over Facebook, said that the message, naturally, caught her off guard. Her story only got more tricky from there. Brittany said that she was previously in a relationship with her supervisor, Billy, who she would later come to find out was married. She said that it "pretty much ended as fast as it started." The 25-year-old said that Billy did have nude photos of her and that their relationship ended pretty badly, as his wife found out. As a result, she suspects that Billy's wife could have been the one to post a nude photo of her online.

Brittany said that shortly after she and Billy broke up, she heard from Mark. She said that she found the interaction weird and so she hadn't been in contact with him until this past March. At that point, Mark reached out to her again and let her know about a man named Bill, whom Brittany confirmed sounded like the person that she was romantically involved with. Mark then said that Billy stays at his house often. Brittany admitted that she was "blind" to the fact that Mark could be Billy until recently. During one of their recent chats, Mark brought up how Billy should regret not being in a relationship with her. He then gave her Billy's new number.

Now, Brittany believes that Mark could be Billy and noted that she's hoping that this is the case. To make the matter even more complicated, Brittany said that she and Billy had "phone sex" a month ago. She said that Billy told her that he is getting a divorce while Mark said that the couple isn't together at all. Brittany then said that she wasn't even sure whether she was talking to Billy on the phone because it was quiet. Schulman said that the matter seems to be less concerned with who Mark is and more about her relationship with Billy.


Brittany said that she was a bit interested in Mark at one point. But, she has since focused her energy on Billy. In yet another surprising reveal, Brittany said that Billy has been leaving care packages for her, full of alcohol and weed, at his house. She said that she has gone to his house to get those packages, which were placed beside Billy's wife's car. The hosts were blown away by these developments and asked Brittany why she's still even talking with Billy. She said that she's "invested" in Billy and that she's been in love with him for years.

When she did jump off of the call, both Schulman and Crawford discussed the multiple alarm bells that Brittany raised. They then said that they will be investigating the situation but that they don't see a version that will end well for Brittany. You can see the conclusion to this wild case on the latest episode of Catfish, which will air Tuesday night at 9 p.m. ET on MTV. Disclosure: PopCulture is owned by ViacomCBS Streaming, a division of ViacomCBS.