Brielle Biermann Reignites 'RoachGate' With Nene Leakes

Brielle Biermann is fueling the Real Housewives of Atlanta's RoachGate once again.The 21-year-old [...]

Brielle Biermann is fueling the Real Housewives of Atlanta's RoachGate once again.

The 21-year-old daughter of Housewife Kim Zolciak Biermann started stirring the pot again in the mother-daughter feud with NeNe Leakes on her Instagram Story Wednesday, when the Biermann household was visited by the Orkin pest control company.

"We have Orkin come every now and then. He comes regularly. Good to see you again," Brielle said in the video as she zoomed in on the inspector. "No roaches over here!"

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(Photo: Instagram/Brielle Biermann)

What RHOA fans have coined #RoachGate started in October 2017, when Kim and Brielle visited Leakes' home and allegedly found cockroaches in her bathroom.

While the Housewives of Atlanta were on their trip to the city during this season of the Bravo series, Kim sent over a video Brielle took of the bugs, throwing Leakes for a loop.

Soon after, Leakes slammed the two, calling them "racists" for implying her house was infested by roaches, although the Housewife admitted in subsequent episodes of the show that her words were spoken largely out of anger.

But at the time, she ranted against the two on social media.

"[Brielle Biermann] We don't have roaches! If you found 1, u brought it with u or it fell outta yo funky p—y! Please know I will get You all the way together when you start f—ing with me and mine!" Leakes wrote in a since-deleted post.

In the comments section of a separate Instagram account, Leakes continued her diss against the two.

"Kim & her daughter oops whole family are racists! What her daughter did at my home, (which she nor kim were invited to so be clear [about] that as well) was pure disgusting, racist, learned behavior etc," Leakes wrote, adding, "children are NOT off limits when you allow your child to talk to adults any kind of way, post disrespectful things on social media and so on. Kim is a calculating bio polar racist with a horrible mouth, who uses black folks for her come up."

Kim jumped to her daughter's defense shortly after on Instagram, writing, "Nene has said and done some things that are absolutely disgusting, however I will take the high road as you will see it on the show soon enough, but you WILL NOT make it seem as though my daughter did ANYTHING wrong! She never posted this video nor would she!"

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

Photo credit: Instagram/Brielle Biermann