Bonnie Chapman Reveals What She Did With Mom Beth Chapman's Ashes

Bonnie Chapman, daughter of Dog the Bounty Hunter stars Duane "Dog" Chapman and Beth Chapman, shared an emotional look back at 2019 to welcome the new year. She looked back on how her mother's death changed her life forever, and what she did with Beth's ashes. She is wearing them around her neck so her mother is with her every day.

Chapman, who celebrated her 21st birthday in December, posted a multi-page statement on her Instagram page. In one segment, Chapman recalled how she rushed to Honolulu on June 22 to be with Beth after her mother was put in a medically induced coma. Beth died days later, after fighting throat and lung cancers.

"On June 22nd, I hoped on a plane to Honolulu," Chapman wrote. "My mom was in a medical induced coma. My mother had told me last November she had a year left, and it not being November I genuinely thought she was gonna be ok. Until I saw her. This is very hard to relive, but seeing my mother in her hospital bed, skin and bones, it shook me to my core. To see her so weak was one of the worst things I have ever experienced. We really weren't prepared. I had gone to therapy for 2 years preparing me for this very moment, yet I wasn't ready."

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Chapman said her mother did wake up at one point to speak with her one final time.

"My mother had woken up at one point, I apologized for being such a brat and she shook her head and assured me I wasn't," she wrote. "That's my last memory with her. A memory that comforts me sometimes, when I feel like I wasn't a good daughter. I checked up on my mother although we were states apart, I made sure to love her no matter what."

"To this day my heart aches for my mama, I miss her," Chapman later wrote. "Every cell in my body misses her. I know she's in a better place with no pain, and that's all I could want. Is to see my mom cancer free and happy. I'm thankful she's cancer free now, and pain free. I'm sad to never see her again, but I wear her ashes around my neck everyday (sic) since. She's still with me."

Chapman went on to reveal that she quit her job after Beth's death and "spiraled into a very dark place." A few weeks later, she remembered how her mother wished she would be happy, so she put all her efforts into launching a makeup business.

"To 2019, thank you for putting me through hell, I've grown as a woman," Chapman concluded. "I've learned to channel my sadness, anger and confusion into art. I've learned to live life in the moment. Thank you for those who have been with me through every day and every struggle. I hope I've made you proud as well. To 2020, hopefully you'll be better."

Beth died on June 26 at age 51 in Honolulu. Before her death, she finished filming the first season of Dog's Most Wanted, which aired during the fall on WGN America.

For his New Year's Day message, Duane shared a meme reading "Be strong enough to stand alone, be yourself enough to stand apart."


"Good by 2019 & God have Mercy on the devils heard in 2020 for I am THE PREDATORS PREDATOR," Duane added.

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