Bobby Flay Says Quitting 'Iron Chef Showdown' Was Just a Joke

Just kidding! Chef Bobby Flay says his dramatic stunt on Iron Chef Showdown in which he quit the show mid-battle was just a poorly thought out joke.

Wednesday, Vanity Fair writer Allen Salkin reported that the longtime Food Network star had ripped his apron off while filming an episode of the competition show to reveal a t-shirt reading "THIS IS MY LAST IRON CHEF BATTLE EVER."

Producers were sent into a tizzy trying to figure out if they could cut the show around his stunt, which Flay apparently knew would be difficult, reportedly replying "That's the point" when confronted.

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Now, the Throwdown! star is saying the whole thing was just a joke gone awry.

"This past summer when I was in production on Iron Chef Showdown, I wore a T-shirt to have a little fun during my last battle this season. In hindsight, it was probably not the best decision because it's just creating confusion," Flay said in a statement to PEOPLE.

"Food Network has been part of my family for over 20 years and will absolutely continue to be, and though there is a talented bench of Iron Chefs to tap, if I were asked, I'd be excited to return to Kitchen Stadium, whenever my schedule allows," he concludes.


Production staff are now discussing whether they should blur the shirt when the episode does air.