Blac Chyna Posts Waistline Product Ad, Inexplicably Turns off Comments

Blac Chyna recently posted an advertisement video on her Instagram for a new waistline product, and for some unknown reason she turned off her comments for it.

In a caption on the video, Chyna explained that the product being featured is the High Waist Sauna Leggings Plus, which is a waist trimmer belt made by Instacurve.

Chyna called the product, "the real deal," and explained, "The midsection is made of all Neoprene! fabric. What I Love most about these leggings is that the Neoprene is a smart fabric that preserve body heat & stimulates sweat[,] which helps burn body fat in targeted areas[.]"

She also said that the belt is very "comfy" and that she loves it.

For some unexplained reason, though, the reality TV personality turned off the comments on the post, so her followers aren't able to ask questions or give feedback.


However, the Instacurve Instagram page also shared the video and they do appear to have the comments turned on for the post.

A scan of Chyna's Instagram posts did not reveal any other posts where the mother-of-two had turned off the comments, not even other posts that appeared to be promotional products. She does still appear to have her comments on for all other posts.