'Big Brother UK' Houseguest Booted After Controversial 9/11 Tweet Resurfaces

A houseguest in the UK version of Big Brother has been kicked out of the competition after her offensive tweets surfaced.

Ellis Hillon, 19, was removed from the Big Brother House on Saturday after spending one day on the Channel 5 reality series, which is not to be confused with the U.S. version currently in its 20th season.

Several alleged posts have circulated, but the main tweet is an expletive-filled message about the Sept. 11 attacks that includes a racial slur.

"Oh f— aye its 9/11!!," Hillon allegedly wrote in 2014. "RIP to everyone who died [and] f— they smelly p— terrorist b—s!!!"

The show's official Twitter account released a statement announcing the removal, confirming they had completed their investigation into the messages.

"As a result of our investigation into offensive and unacceptable posts on social media, Ellis Hillon has been removed from the Big Brother House," the statement read.

Hillon's Twitter has been wiped bare with the exception of two tweets. Both messages appear to be written by Hillon's sister. One wishes Hillon luck in the Big Brother competition and the other denies that Hillon even said the controversial remarks.

"There were no bad tweets!!!" the message read. "People just talk absolute rubbish and make fake things up. There will be no negativity here and my sister will shine. Good night!!!!"

The response to the removal from Big Brother viewers has been mixed. Many agree with producers' decision to boot Hillon, but others think her remarks she made at age 15 should not be held against her.

"The posts were done 4 years ago when she was 15," one viewer wrote. "How can you punish her now for something 4 years ago?!"

A chunk of the blowback also fell on producers for not properly vetting Hillon before she joined the competition.

"Whatever happened to carrying out background checks before the housemates went in?" one fan wrote. "Seems like a pretty easy thing to do."

Another added, "Well this is embarrassing. Nine months of interviews, tests and examinations and you never bothered to look at her social media history?"


There has been no further comment from Channel 5 about the incident.

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Jeff Spicer