'Big Brother' Couple Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd Expecting Second Child

Big Brother alums Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd are expecting their second child together.

The Big Brother 11 couple and their son Lawson revealed the news on the syndicated TV hosted by Schroeder, Daily Blast Live before heading over to Instagram to share video of the reveal.

"So happy I can finally say something!," Lloyd wrote. "Baby number 2 will be here in September!"

Schroeder went on to add, "Thank you Daily Blast Live for letting us share our big announcement today! Baby #2 on the way! Love you [Jordan and] Lawson."

He also added an "and ?" to indicate the new baby, and he also included a hashtag for "baby on the way."

After the pregnancy was announced, Lloyd also took to her Instagram story to clear up some online rumors about her in light of the pregnancy, including speculation about their house decor and her health.

"It's so nice to finally be able to say 'I am pregnant,'" she said in her Instagram story. "I've almost slipped like a bunch of times. Plus the extra 'and' on the wall gave that away and not feeling good, me talking about that all the time."

She also cleared up some speculation about her weight gain that rumored marital issues due to a lack of social media posts of the couple together.

"A lot of y'all ask, 'You never post pictures with Jeff! Is something wrong?' Well, we never posted pictures because I'm already showing, and I did not want to be in any photos. Plus I was not feeling good and looking rough."

She continued, "The ones writing me messages asking about weight gain and 'You look like you've gotten bigger,' and all this stuff. Well that is why, but thank you you for noticing. I appreciate it."

The couple met on the 2009 season of Big Brother and became a couple while inside the house. They also competed on The Amazing Race in 2009 together, as well.


Schroeder and Lloyd returned to the show in 2011 for season 13 and later appeared on season 5 of Marriage Boot Camp.

As for their current whereabouts, the couple are very active on social media, with each of them having followers bases over 200,000. As previously mentioned, Schroeder is one of the hosts of Daily Blast Live, which is a daytime talk show about trending news and entertainment.