'Big Brother': Huge Argument Ensues Before Sam Smith Eviction, Fans Wonder What Just Happened

Big Brother did not pull off a surprise outcome during Thursday's live eviction, but Season 21 might finally see the end of the Six Shooters alliance. The CBS reality competition series returned for a new eviction episode between houseguests Sam Smith and Kathryn Dunn. Despite his attempts at saving himself, Smith said goodbye to the game, but his final actions may finally put a crack on this season's power alliance.

The episode began with host Julie Chen warning viewers the last hour had been crazy at the house — though only fans watching the live feeds got to experience the argument — after accusations blew up former alliances and potentially changed the course of the season. After a lengthy recap of the events of the week, Chen returned to reveal one of the members of the power alliance might have finally gone against their allies, with all signs pointing to Christie Murphy.

In the aftermath of the power of veto ceremony, Smith pledged to try his hardest to stay in the house, and began to plead his case with the Six Shooters, putting a target on Christie in the process. Kat also threw Christie and Tommy Bracco under the bus, revealing to Holly that Christie had told her she would not want to be at the end of the season with the couples.

The claims led to a paranoid conversation between Holly Allen and Analyse Talavera where they agreed their ally makes a lot of big moves in the game that don't necessarily benefit their alliance. Meanwhile, Christie started to ally herself with other people in the house, knowing the end of the Six Shooters might be coming sooner than later.

Sam later played his biggest card when he talked to Jackson Michie and revealed to him that Christie had tried to throw both he and Jack Matthews under the bus when Cliff Hogg III was HoH, the reveal led to major turmoil in the house that had fans thinking a possible blindside might happen as the Six Shooters crumbled.

Jackson quickly told Jack about Christie's actions, and while they did not think Christie would betray them this early in the game, they considered saving Sam in order to get their former ally out of the way moving forward.

Chen assured viewers the vote would be a surprise after Sam's big move, leading to Kat and Sam giving surprisingly emotional speeches ahead of the vote. Kat said in tears that she hoped she was being perceived in a positive way because she believed she has been playing with integrity. Sam complimented his family and called out all of the houseguests for the drama that ensued in the feeds.

Despite the drama, the houseguest voted to evict Sam with a unanimous vote, leaving fans disappointed after not getting the blindside they thought would come.


Chen promised viewers would get to see what happened tonight during Sunday's episode, as Sam declared tonight is the official end of the Six Shooters alliance. The remaining houseguests got to kickstart the next HoH competition before the end of the episode, leaving much to cover when the show returns later this week.

Big Brother airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET and Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.