Who Did 'Big Brother' HOH Kaycee Clark Nominate for Eviction This Week?

Big Brother Head of Household Kaycee Clark didn't have to do much thinking before deciding which [...]

Big Brother Head of Household Kaycee Clark didn't have to do much thinking before deciding which houseguests she would be putting up for eviction this week.

After squeaking out an HOH victory over Brett Robinson in Thursday's episode of the CBS reality show, the Level 6 alliance member was quick to target the only former member of FOUTTE in the house, Haleigh Broucher, as well as the only true wild card left, Sam Bledsoe.

Haleigh had been up for eviction alongside Scottie Salton last week after he won a second chance in the house in the Jury Battle Back, but she was decided to be a secondary target by the alliance that has been running the game all season. After Scottie was unanimously voted out Thursday, it was clear Haleigh would be on the block yet again, even to Haleigh.

"I needed to win that competition dude," she told the camera. "I've literally been the person on the block the last two weeks, and I'm definitely seeing the block this week. There's not really a question of it, it's just a matter of who I sit next to. So, I'm just gonna smile and swim, keep swimming."

Sam, meanwhile, continued to mope around the house, lamenting being without any true allies in the game so far in. This, plus her inability to latch on to any alliance in particular, has made her a possible target a number of times in recent weeks, but she had been pushed to the back burner as a player who was no threat in particular.

In conference with her fellow Level 6 members, Kaycee decided to put Haleigh on the block and have Sam up there next to her as a pawn, despite Kaycee's relationship with Haleigh outside of the alliance.

"I gotta do what I gotta do, nothing personal," Kaycee said in the diary room.

But can Haleigh or Sam save themselves with the Power of Veto this week? And how will the Double Eviction teased for later in the week change up the game for the dominant Level 6?

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