Who Won 'Big Brother' Head of Household Following the Double Eviction?

One of Big Brother's strongest alliances in show history continues to reign strong this week, with Level 6 player Angela Rummans claiming the Head of Household position.

Sunday's episode of the CBS reality show picked up where Thursday's shocking Double Eviction left off, following the expected elimination of Hive straggler Haleigh Broucher and the surprise blindside of Level 6 member Brett Robinson by temporary Head of Household Tyler Crispen.

"Brett tried to break up our alliance too soon," Angela told the cameras of the alliance's big move. "That's what happens when you go against Level 6. Stay loyal and you'll stay in the house. Go rogue and you're out the door."

Tyler agreed, adding, "Brett crossed Level 6, and unfortunately for him, I had to drop the hammer on him."

With those two members of the household gone, it was down to Level 6 core members Angela and Kaycee Clark, as well as former friend of the alliance JC Mounduix and unaffiliated Sam Bledsoe competing for control of the house in the most important HOH competition yet — a "BBFlix and Chill" movie themed memory puzzle competition.

JC, who was still struggling with being left in the dark during Brett's blindside, was determined to win the competition and put Tyler on the block — no longer trusting his former final two buddy.

"I'm definitely having trust issues right now and the only thing that's going to save me 100 percent is winning this," JC said.

Angela emerged victorious for her third HOH reign, making sure that Level 6 continues to stay in power until the very end.

"Angela wins HOH and I know for a fact that Sam and JC are going on the block because they're not Level 6," Tyler said. But does he?

Will Angela go for the predictable move of putting the house's outsiders on the block or will she turn against her best friend and showmance partner in a play for the end?


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Photo credit: CBS/Sonja Flemming