'Big Brother' Names First HOH After Dramatic Competition

Big Brother Season 20 has named its first Head of Household — Tyler Crispen.After Swaggy C [...]

Big Brother Season 20 has named its first Head of Household — Tyler Crispen.

After Swaggy C narrowed down the eligible houseguests for elimination from 16 to eight in Wednesday's season premiere, the half in danger had to compete in a strategy balance beam competition, where the players were tasked with dropping deletion dots in each other's tubes.

Steve Arienta, a retired undercover police officer, was an immediate initial target, as was Sam Bledsoe, who had been dealt another blow to her game Wednesday when she was replaced by a robot during most of her time in the house.

"Nobody wants to be the first person out in the very first Head of Household," Sam said. "Now I have no chance of being safe."

When Tyler secured his place as HoH, he had a tough decision to make — who to nominate to send home first. It seemed an easy choice to pick between Sam and Steve, who were the first out in the HoH challenge and therefore the least controversial choices for elimination.

"I feel like the easiest thing for him to do is to nominate the robot," Sam said.

Later, after breaking down to Tyler, he was conflicted. "My heart is hurting. I don't know if I can put a robot on the block," he told the cameras.

He did consider putting up Bayleigh Dayton to strike a blow on Swaggy C's alliance, but decided to play it safe.

"There's no real rhyme or reason as for why anybody should be up on the block...it makes the most sense to nominate the two people who failed from the competition first," Tyler said.

But who will be the first person to go home?

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