New 'Big Brother' HOH Struggles to Choose Eviction Nominees

Faysal Shafaat is taking control of the Big Brother house this week, but he may be too conflicted to change the game in his favor.

In Sunday's episode of the CBS reality series, Fessy beat out the rest of the house when it came to the slip n' slide challenge viewers saw the start of during Thursday's episode. When it came time for the eviction nomination meeting, he decided to put up Level 6 alliance member Brett Robinson and floater Scottie Salton for the block, but it wasn't an easy decision.

Fessy and what's left of the FOUTTE alliance need a win this week after Angie "Rockstar" Lantry was sent home Sunday, but the substitute teacher was having trouble figuring out his gameplay after being blindsided yet again by the 5-1 vote to get rid of Rockstar.

Despite the reassurance of Haleigh Broucher that Scottie was indeed the one who voted to keep Rockstar in the house, Fessy wasn't convinced as to whom he could trust, telling Haleigh he only had eyes on the other guys in the house. That included Brett, who has been flirty with Haleigh throughout the game, despite Fessy and her relationship.

"Faysal are you crazy right now?" Haleigh told the camera when he first threw out putting up Scottie. "It sounds like you're about to go off the deep end. We can't afford to lose someone who's got our backs and we can't afford to lose someone who's on our side."

On the other side of the house, JC Mounduix and the rest of Level 6 was plotting to frame Scottie as a liar when it comes to his vote last week, saying it was Brett who tried to keep Rockstar in the house, and that Scottie is interested in Haleigh romantically.

The confusion was getting to Fessy, who called a house meeting to try and determine who was lying to him, only to be further confused by a solid performance from Brett and Kaycee Clark.

"I never know what the hell is going on," Fessy said, exasperated, adding, "Somebody's lying."

To cover his bases, Fessy decided to put both Brett and Scottie up for eviction, which alienated Haleigh, who trusted Scottie completely, from her showmance beau.

"I nominated both Brett and Scottie because they're both liars and I'm not afraid to make a big move," he said.


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Photo credit: CBS/Sonja Flemming