'Big Brother' Fans Mourn Death of Season 1 Houseguest Cassandra Waldon

Big Brother fans are mourning the death of Season 1 houseguest Cassandra Waldon on Saturday as [...]

Big Brother fans are mourning the death of Season 1 houseguest Cassandra Waldon on Saturday as news of her passing spreads. Waldon reportedly passed away on Sept. 25 following a car accident earlier this summer. She was 56 years old.

Waldon worked as a communications specialist for the United Nations both before and after she appeared on Big Brother. Sources at the U.N. told TMZ that Waldon was in Rome, Italy on official business about two months ago when she was hit by a car. The accident resulted in a head injury that put Waldon in the hospital. She never woke up after the crash.

Waldon is remembered as the very first guest in the Big Brother house — she was the first person to enter in Season 1, making her the first to be afflicted with the "first curse." Fans believe the first person to enter the house each season is cursed, as they have never won in the U.S. or Canadian versions of the show.

"Sad news, Cassandra Waldon of Big Brother 1 passed away last month," one fan wrote. "She worked at the U.N. at the time she was on the show, and was well-liked by her roomies and viewers alike."

"Such a shame... She was my favorite contestant on season one. She was so thoughtful and smart," added another with a heart emoticon.

Some fans shared clips of Waldon's introduction on the show, or of the highlights of her time there. She finished sixth out of ten contestants in Season 1, establishing the tone for one of the longest-running reality series in the genre.

Others shared prayers for Waldon and for Kent Blackwelder, the only other contestant from the series to have passed away. Blackwelder was a contestant on Season 2 of Big Brother, and he passed in December of 2017.

Big Brother host Julie Chen was one of the first to post a memorial for Waldon. She remembered Waldon fondly as a part of that first group in the U.S. version. She posted a photo of her invitation to Waldon's funeral service, as well as a picture of her from back in 2000.

"Rest In Peace Cassandra," Chen wrote. "Your light will continue to shine in this world because of the way you lived your life: with class and grace. May your family and loved ones find solace and peace. Thank you for bringing your intelligence, warmth and wisdom to the Big Brother house Season 1. You are in my thoughts and in my prayers. May God Bless your soul."

Waldon's funeral will reportedly be held next weekend near her home in Maryland.