'Big Brother' Fans Claim Jack Matthews Getting 'Good Guy' Edit Amid Racism Concerns

Big Brother fans think current Head of Household Jack Matthews is getting a free pass for negative comments. Viewers took to Twitter during Wednesday's new episode to criticize how the show is portraying the Jason Momoa-lookalike contestant in episodes airing on CBS.

As the houseguests prepared to participate in the veto competition, viewers saw as Kemi Fakunle and Jessica Milagros accepted being up for eviction during Matthews' reign. The episode saw as Fakunle went to Matthews to talk about his decision.

During the tense conversation, Fakunle said she didn't want things to be awkward between them after ht denomination ceremony, as she was show bashing the head of household during a confessional.

"I don't care to be friends with Jack, I intend to get him out as soon as possible... I'm not a stab you in the back kind of person. I'm trying to like, spin you right around and slit that throat," she said, before realizing what she had said. "Don't air that. Oh my God."

Fans of the series rubbed fans the wrong way, with some claiming Fakunle was receiving a negative "mean girl" edit during the episodes, as some of Matthews' more inappropriate comments were not airing.

Fans of the competition series have previously taken issue with Matthews' words, most recently accusing him of racism after footage surfaced of him imitating a monkey while talking about fellow houseguest David Alexander.

Matthews hunched over and stumbled across the Head of Household room during a meeting with his alliance, Gr8ful, in the clip when Isabella Wang pointed out Alexander on the HOH camera. When Christie Murphy asked who he was imitating, Matthews said, "Oh, David."

Matthews also made several comments about Fakunle in the livestream, including calling her a "b—" and saying he wants to "stomp a mudhole through her chest," in another clip.

Some Big Brother fans even started a Change.org petition asking for Matthews to be removed from the series.

Wednesday's episode also saw houseguest Sam Smith win the veto competition and choose to leave the nominations the same. This means either Fakunle or Milagros will be sent to Camp Comeback in the next eviction episode.


Big Brother will air Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.