'Big Brother' Evicts Another Houseguest After Explosive Fight

Say goodbye to Bayleigh Dayton, Big Brother fans. After being backdoored by Head of Household Angela Rummans during a drama-filled week, Queen Bay was sent packing to the jury box in Thursday's episode of the CBS reality series.

After Haleigh Broucher's secret Hacker Competition victory Sunday, the house was on high alert to see which of the houseguests was able to undercut the evictions with a nomination switch-up, veto nomination and eviction vote deletion throughout the week. While trying to throw suspicion off of herself, Haleigh accidentally put a target on her alliance member Bayleigh's back — further motivating the Level 6 alliance to get rid of the power player.

So when Angela won the power of veto to take down her hacker-appointed alliance member Tyler Crispen, she was happy to put Bayleigh up in his place after her perceived deception.

But upon learning that she was the assumed hacker, Bayleigh went nuclear on the housemates she felt threw her under the bus, calling Angela "trash" and accusing her of looking "very dumb on national television."

And Haleigh was keeping her mouth shut, even if it meant her best friend in the house going home — at least at first.

"As a game player I am in far too deep, I have made far too big of a move, so at this point I will take this lie with me until I step out of the Big Brother house," she told the camera, before later flipping and deciding she wanted to be able to "look [Bayleigh] in the eye" at the end of the competition.

After her tearful admission, Bayleigh admitted she was "so pissed," but quickly walked her words back and said she was only angry the other houseguests were so quick to throw her under the bus.

So when Haleigh admitted she was the hacker to the rest of the house, it was Bayleigh vs. Tyler, as Bayleigh nearly wore out her vocal chords screaming at her fellow player.

"The goal of the meeting was to hope Bayleigh stay in this house, and with the outburst, I'm not sure where that got us," Haleigh told the camera, unsure.

In a desperate attempt to keep her friend in the game, Haleigh chose to eliminate Tyler's vote. But in the end, Kaycee Clark, Brett Robinson, Faysal Shafaat, Scottie Salton, JC Mounduix and even Haleigh voted to evict Bayleigh. Only Sam Bledsoe voted to evict Rockstar.


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Photo credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS