'Big Brother' Crowns New Head of Household Following Crazy Double Eviction

After a surprising turn-of-events during Thursday’s live double eviction of Big Brother, the events that unfolded in between the show were show to viewers before the Head of Household. Nicole Anthony, who won the HoH during the double eviction, recapped what was going through her head after she pulled out her first competition win.

“I survived double eviction and in the top five of BIg Brother,” Nicole said in the diary room. “I can’t believe I finally freaking won something during a live show and that win led to the craziest night I’ve had on Big Brother.”

Nicole said going into the veto that as long anyone but Christie Murphy and Tommy Bracco, her two nominations, won, that she would consider this a successful double eviction. With Cliff Hogg III winning the veto on Thursday, Nicole’s brief rein went as planned.

Seeing Christie go was bittersweet for Tommy. The two were hoping to go to the final two together.

“Having Christie in this house was everything,” Tommy told the camera. ‘At this point, I don’t trust anybody.”

Meanwhile, Jackson had been adamant about getting her out before eventually keeping her around as a pawn. Seeing her go, though, was a pleasing sight.

“Karma? It finally hits. It finally hits and I don’t feel bad for her,” Jackson said to the diary room.

Since she won in a shortened week, Nicole received her HoH basket in the storage room after the day’s events. After the touching moment of her seeing photos of her family, the house turned its sights to the next challenge.

“Now that the double eviction is over, the house is essentially split,” Nicole said to the camera. “It’s down to the wire, it’s game on.”

Going into the Head of Household competition, Cliff, Nicole, Holly and Jackson reaffirmed their deal to go to the final four, meaning Tommy entered the challenge facing a 3-versus-1 situation with Nicole sitting out.

“I just wonder, am I really that alone,” said a crying Tommy in the kitchen to Nicole.

The episode wrapped up with the Head of Household competition, which was hosted by Swaggy C and Bayleigh Dayton from last season. The challenge was called, ‘BBFlix’, where contestants had to buzz in the answer with the fastest correct response gaining a point and the first to five points wins the competition.

It was back-and-forth early on with Jackson, Cliff and Tommy winning the first three rounds. Jackson then went on to take a 2-1-1-0 lead. He would go on to buzz in first the next two questions for a commanding 4-1-1-0 advantage.

Jackson would go on to win the Head of Household, earning an automatic spot in the final four and the power to nominate two more houseguests.

“There’s something about me that survives, and that’s exactly what I have to do this week,” Tommy said afterwards.


At the ceremony, Jackson stuck to his word and put Tommy on the block with Cliff sitting next to him as a volunteer.

Big Brother will air on Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET when the veto ceremony gets underway.