'Big Brother' Alum Rachel Reilly Talks New Show and 'All-Stars' Wishes (Exclusive)

Big Brother fans, you're going to want to grab a life vest to prepare yourselves for Rachel Reilly [...]

Big Brother fans, you're going to want to grab a life vest to prepare yourselves for Rachel Reilly Villegas' newest show — I Love the Brenchels - Moving On. During an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com, Big Brother 13 winner Reilly Villegas opened up about the new show that she's taking part in with her husband, Brendon Villegas, their two children, Adora and Adler, her mother, and their dogs. Not only did she open up about her new show for bspoketv, which will involve her going on a road trip all across the country with her adorable family, but she also spoke about her missed opportunity with the latest season of Big Brother 22, which was subtitled "All-Stars."

Reilly Villegas is in the midst of planning her next adventure, which will involve her family traveling across the country as they learn about different ways to give back to various communities. Of course, the series will also feature a look into Reilly Villegas' life as a mother and wife and will involve the Big Brother alum interviewing several reality stars. The series will film during the summer of 2021 and fans of the mom-of-two will be able to follow along with their journey on social media, as well. I Love the Brenchels - Moving On will premiere sometime around the fall.

"We're going to be traveling around the country and we're going to work with different reality stars... in every destination, but instead of just doing an interview, we wanted to bring in the community service organization," Reilly Villegas explained about the project. "So, we're going to work with different organizations, and we're going to show how you can make it impact in 24 hours."

She went on to explain that she's developed an amazing platform following her appearances on Big Brother, The Amazing Race, and Celebrity Fear Factor. As a result, she wants to be able to utilize that platform in order to give back in a major way. "Obviously, being on television and in reality television, and now we're going to, you know, use that as a platform, but also do these or organization these community service projects and it's going to be organic and fun," she continued.

Naturally, since the show will be following Reilly Villegas and her family, fans will be able to see a side to the reality star that they may not have seen before. "You know, Big Brother was ten years ago. So at this point, like I, I am a mom. I have a real job, you know Brendon has a real job like we're just normal people that really are excited to, you know, share content," she explained. "And so now we kind of get to go on the road and meet the fans and meet to hang out with our reality star friends and do some really cool service projects along the way. [...] I think people are going to see a lot of different Rachel."

As Big Brother fans are well aware, they were not able to see Reilly Villegas on the most recent season of Big Brother: All-Stars, which saw the show bringing back contestants from prior seasons for another chance at winning the $500,000 grand prize. According to Reilly Villegas, she would have definitely been up for the challenge. However, she explained that she had just found out that she was pregnant when she got the call for All-Stars (Reilly Villegas and her husband welcomed their second child, a son named Adler, in November 2020, per PEOPLE).

"I mean, I was so disappointed [about not being on All-Stars] 'cause I always wanted to do it, and then as soon as they called me, I had just found out I was pregnant. So, it's like, oh, if you had called a month ago," she explained. Even though she wasn't able to take part in the recent All-Stars season because of her pregnancy, you can definitely count on Reilly Villegas to take part in another season if she got the call. When asked whether she would do another season of Big Brother, she didn't hesitate as she answered, "100%."