'Big Brother' Alum Christmas Abbott Caused Extensive Car Damage Evident in New Photos From the Scene

Christmas Abbott caused extensive damage to her ex-boyfriend's girlfriend's car when she allegedly repeatedly slammed her SUV into the vehicle.

A source close to the situation said the Big Brother star smashed her Mercedes SUV into Samantha Morse's Honda at their CrossFit gym in Florida, causing $10,000 in damages. In photos from The Blast, the trunk of Morse's Honda Civic can be seen smashed in, causing damage to the entire rear of the car, including the taillights. The front of the car appears damaged as well.

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The Blast reports that Abbott, who finished third during Big Brother's 19th season in 2017, had been harassing Morse after she started dating Benjamin Bunn, Abbott's ex with whom she just welcomed her 1-month-old son, Loyal Atticus. Morse and Bunn were reportedly dating before he and Abbott dated, then reconnected after he and Abbott split up, which was before Abbott realized she was pregnant.

The source told the news outlet that Abbott's "constant bullying" at the gym, which was a common ground for all three parties, escalated from "name calling and rudeness" to the car-smashing incident, which PEOPLE reports took place in August when Abbott was pregnant. Abbott was arrested for criminal mischief this week as a result.

Morse reportedly felt terrified after the incident knowing that she could have been inside the vehicle. Court records show that Morse attempted to file a protective order against Abbott, but because Abbott could not be served, the order was not granted.

The insider said Morse believes she suffered longterm emotional damage from the attack and pressed charges against Abbott, who has since left Florida and moved back home to North Carolina.

As previously reported, Abbott turned herself into authorities on Tuesday and was charged with felony criminal mischief. She was released within the hour on her own recognizance and did not occupy a jail cell.

(Photo: Instagram / @christmasabbott)

Late Wednesday, Abbott posted a message on her Instagram Story saying, "There are lies & truth to every story & I'll share mine when I'm ready. Until then, I am being proactive with taking care of my responsibilities to have this matter resolved. I'm focused on providing for Loyal & recovering from a very emotionally challenging pregnancy & difficult delivery. Being a single mother is challenging enough without the world having an opinion on a situation they know nothing about."

During the incident, Abbott allegedly threw a coffee cup at the woman and hit her car in the parking lot, TMZ reported. According to the report, she was eight months pregnant when the incident happened, but police did not process her at the time because she was so far along. Her car was seized at the time, but she was permitted to turn herself in later, which culminated with her arrest on Tuesday.

The reality star reportedly believed that Bunn was cheating on her with Morse, and even allegedly called her a "pathetic home-wrecking little slut" during the altercation.

Abbott gave birth to her son on Oct. 8. Bunn told Us Weekly that he learned Abbott had been induced via social media and that their relationship had recently deteriorated and that they hadn't been romantically involved since December.

"Unfortunately, I had very little contact with Christmas in the last few months of her pregnancy," he told the magazine. "However, prior to that, we spent almost every day with each other for six to seven months straight. I went to every doctor's appointment, accompanied her for travel, moved furniture and did all the things that two caring adults do with and for each other. … I was finally able to reach her a few days before [her] due date. I found out she was being induced through Instagram, and shortly thereafter received an email."


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