'Big Brother: All-Stars' Winner Cody Calafiore Speaks out Against Bullying Inside the House

Big Brother: All-Stars winner Cody Calafiore is getting a massive reality check after re-entering the real world following his half-million-dollar win. Caught at Los Angeles International Airport, Calafiore is admitting his disappointment after realizing the state of things have only gotten worse since he went into the Big Brother bubble three months ago and also touches on some bullying inside the famous house. The new winner also detailed he had a lot of anxiety while kept away from the outside world wondering if things were getting better or worse, and curious as to how his family and friends were doing during his time away as well.

"So different because it adds so much more, like, anxiety to your daily thoughts," he responded when asked what it was like being secluded for so long without any access to the outside world during a pandemic. "It's like, 'I wonder what's going on with my family? Is the world getting any better?'" He noted that he took a lot of time to do some hard thinking while inside the house, saying that he was only hoping things were getting better, but reality showed him things weren't.

Calafiore also touched on bullying inside the house when specifically asked about Ian Terry, who is on the autism spectrum. The new winner said that he's glad people are being held accountable for their actions and that the only way to make positive change in the world is to keep those who are creating hate accountable for their words and actions. Coming off such a high from winning $500,000, Calafiore is happy to be back with his family despite the harsh circumstances with the election right around the corner.

As for his time in the BB house, Calafiore managed to play a really good game, earning him the winning position. From early on in the competition, Calafiore formed some final twos with a few people in the house, including one with Enzo Palumbo, who ended up taking second place walking away with $50,000. Throughout their time on the hit CBS reality series, they managed to fly under the radar without letting any of the others in the house know they had formed a close bond. Luckily for both Calafiore and Palumbo, they also managed to make it the entire season without being put on the block for elimination.

Calafiore managed to win HOH more than once, making him a dominant competitor. Some would think this would make him an even bigger target, but instead encouraged his fellow competitors to seek a closer BB relationship with him in the house.