'Big Brother' 21's Jack Matthews Disses BB20's Angie 'Rockstar' Lantry, Who Claps Back at the 'Beefcake'

Don't call out Angela 'Rockstar' Lantry without expecting a clapback in return. The Big Brother [...]

Don't call out Angela "Rockstar" Lantry without expecting a clapback in return. The Big Brother alum, who competed on season 20 in 2018, noticed that a current house guest was making fun of her and took to social media to call him out.

The drama started when an eagle-eyed Big Brother fan shared a video of Jack Matthews and Christie Murphy discussing how "lucky" they got with their fellow house guests.

"Yeah, we didn't get one weird one that's like super weird, like a Rockstar. I'd lose my mind if we had a Rockstar," Jack said.

Christie somewhat defended Rockstar as "cool and different," but said that she didn't know if she could "live with someone like a Rockstar."

The alum, who made it until day 58 last summer before she was evicted by her fellow houseguests, quickly called out Jack as a "beefcake" and stuck up for herself on Twitter.

"Listen Beefcake you should be so lucky to meet a one of a kind someone as magically deliciously unique as me," she tweeted, adding a tea emoji.

(Photo: Twitter / @Mrs_ARockstar)

Plenty of fans freaked out after seeing Rockstar's tweet.

"ROCKSTAR SNNNAAAPPPEDDDDT," one delighted Twitter user wrote.

Another said that Jack, who resembles Jason Momoa, "doesn't deserve to be compared" to the Game of Thrones actor. "Jack is cancelled! You are fabulous!" they wrote.

"Rockstar snapping on these [houseguests] is what everyone deserves," another said.

Meanwhile, in the video clip, Christie then said that she felt "the only potential person that had kind of bad energy went home," referring to David Alexander, who was eliminated in a competition twist before the house's first eviction.

Jack compared David to Swaggy, a contestant from season 20. The two poked fun at David for a book he was reading inside the house called How to Become a Superior Leader.

"The irony that he went home first and was reading that book, flaunting it around the house. I'll never get over that," Christie said.

Plenty of Big Brother fans were taken aback by Jack and Christie's conversation, especially by their comparison of David to Swaggy, who is also black.

"They are sooooo open minded aren't they?" one Twitter user wrote with an eye-rolling emoji. "Ugh!"

"They are sooo unlikable, OMG! I cannot!!! These are the ones you'd think would be open minded [as f—]! But jokes on us!!" another said.

"Aquaman can sink his ass down to the bottom of the ocean as far as I'm concerned," someone else said, referring to Momoa's DC Comics character.

Big Brother season 21 debuted with a two-night premiere event on Tuesday and Wednesday, with David being eliminated in a surprise twist and Christie managing to take control of the house in the season's first Head of Household competition.

"Half-excited, half-terrified, not sure I wanted this, but here we are and I'm so excited!" she told the camera after she won the competition.

Who will she nominate for the first official eviction?

Big Brother next airs Sunday, June 30 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.