'Big Brother' Season 20 Down to Final Four Following Eviction

It's down to the final four houseguests in Big Brother Season 20.

In Wednesday's episode of the CBS reality series, Sam Bledsoe's time in the house was up, as she was voted out unanimously by Level 6 alliance members Tyler Crispen and Kaycee Clark after being put up on the block against JC Mounduix by Head of Household Angela Rummans. It was Sam's third time on the block, and JC's first.

"Unfortunately for me, I've had to get so much blood on my hands and your hands are clean," she told them at the nomination meeting Sunday. "So if I'm lucky enough to be the final two, I don't stand a chance against either of you."

Coming out of last week's Double Eviction, during which Level 6 blindsided their own alliance member Brett Robinson when he threatened to go rogue, JC was feeling betrayed by his friend Tyler, with whom he had a final two agreement. But in the end, the powerful alliance agreed it was Sam who had to be sent home at this point in the game due to her ability to tug at the house's heartstrings, as well as the sympathy the jury house would have for her if she made it to the finals.

It all came down to the Power of Veto competition, which pitted all the houseguests against one another as JC and Sam battled for a guaranteed spot in the final four and Level 6 fought to keep their plans the same in order to make it to the final three together.

Kaycee walked away with victory for the fourth week in the row, and not surprisingly, didn't decide to throw JC or Sam a lifeline this week, keeping Angela's nominations the same.

The pro football player has been loyal to Level 6 all season, but some fans were unhappy that she didn't make a big move by taking JC off the block and forcing Angela to put Tyler, with whom she has a showmance, up on the block. With the support of Tyler's angry former friend, it would have been an opportunity to send the dominant player home and possibly mean Kaycee's victory in the season at large, but wasn't one she decided to take.

And when JC shocked everyone by winning the HOH competition, Level 6 was put on edge, knowing they wouldn't be making it to the final three together. But who from Level 6 will be going home?


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Photo credit: CBS/Sonja Flemming