'Bering Sea Gold' Captain Emily Reidel Trains Her Dad to Run the Eroica as She Plans for a Bold Future in Exclusive Preview

Emily Reidel is bringing in dad Steve Riedel in hopes that she can expand her mining operation into a straight-up empire. In a PopCulture.com exclusive preview of Friday's all-new Bering Sea Gold, the Eroica captain tries to keep her cool as she works with her gold dredger father and looks to a bold new future on the Madre de Oro.

"Emily's being really patient with me," Steve says with a smirk, noting there's "a little micromanaging" on his daughter's part, but that things are going well. In the wheelhouse, Emily has a similar view on how training her dad is going, telling the camera, "Dad's doing OK, as long as he doesn't drive me crazy first."

There's a lot at stake when it comes to getting Steve ready to run the Eroica solo. "Once my dad is trained up and established on the boat, I am gonna be free to pursue other gold mining opportunities, which could change the face of how I operate in Nome," Emily explains. "Once I acquire the Madre de Oro, it'll be my job to get the Madre going and mining and then my dad's gonna be running the Eroica."

Things are definitely going well in the gold department, with the divers bringing in an impressive haul. Emily certainly was feeling optimistic. "We're on great gold and dad seems to have a pretty good handle on things. So if he can keep up this momentum, I can be freed up to go and, you know, look into a second dredge," she muses.

Prior to this season of Bering Sea Gold, Emily teased to PopCulture she was feeling "more than a little bit smug" about her season, launching the Eroica before all of her fellow miners in order to get an early start. "The longer you're here, the longer you realize how important every decision is," she explained at the time. While the weather this year was "brutal," Emily was confident in her ability to roll with the punches. "I think that bottom line is all that matters in this case, where we just have to constantly adjust and revise our strategy," she said. "It's my bottom line to make sure my crew succeeds."


Will Emily's dad be able to keep the Eroica's momentum going as she looks to expand her mining empire? Bering Sea Gold airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET. For more from PopCulture on all the latest Bering Sea Gold news, click here.