Bam Margera's Neon Glowing Photo Has Fans Commenting About His Son

Bam Margera's 1-year-old son Phoenix stole the show in the Jackass star's latest Instagram photo, with fans of the pro skater weighing in on his relationship with the sweet little boy in the comments section. Sharing a picture last week of the smiling father-son duo by his car in the parking lot of a Motor Inn, Margera lets fans know his flight was cancelled "due to fog," and that he was posting up at the motel with his son until it was rescheduled.

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Margera's antics with some kind of neon-illuminated stick were overshadowed by comments on little Phoenix.

"That child is so loved and he looks so happy all the time," one commenter wrote. "It's such a wonderful thing bless you all for everything you've been through and that wonderful little child you have."

Another added, "Omg he's an angel," while a third chimed in, "Such a cute baby boy you got dude. Cheers and much love to you and the fam."

As the former pro skater recovered from a self-described "nervous breakdown" earlier this year, which resulted in his hospitalization and rehab stay, he told Dr. Phil McGraw his son was a shining light for his recovery.

"He is the raddest kid ever. He's so interested in skateboarding. I have all these toys everywhere and he just goes right to the skateboard. He's like my best friend and I've known him for not even two years," Margera told the TV personality. "He's perfect. I can't even put into words. Like, I would dive into any train or anything and get stabbed or shot or whatever just to make sure he didn't."

The MTV star's mom, April Margera, also spoke out at the time to describe what her son had been going through.


"For him, he's just gone off the rails, and I don't think he can handle what's going on. So if he reached out to Dr. Phil cause he's seen Dr. Phil's show, I mean so be it," she explained. "Do we want to really air all this stuff? No, not really, but you know, if that's what he wants to do and that'll help him get some help, then I think we've come up with a good plan. Between the Jackass guys and Dr. Phil, it's a whole community of people."

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