'Bachelorette' Star Tyler Cameron Shares How Family Inspired His HomeGoods' Dream Vibes Decor (Exclusive)

Tyler Cameron is busy making his mark outside of Bachelor Nation. Since appearing on The Bachelorette in 2019, Cameron has published a book, appeared on The Real Dirty Dancing, and moved to New York City. As a part of the move into his new place, the reality star sought out help from HomeGoods' new Dream Vibes digital experience, which allows you to tap into your actual dreams to create a home space that's perfect for you. During a chat with PopCulture.com, Cameron explained how his family actually influenced his own Dream Vibe-designed bachelor pad. 

Cameron's Dream Vibe was all about "Popcorn and PJs, Please." The Bachelorette alum explained to PopCulture.com that he drew his inspiration from his home base in Jupiter, Florida, and, naturally, his family and friends had a big impact on his decorating task. When it came to using Dream Vibes, he said that he simply had to give them his dream, which was "me just hanging out with my family and my friends back at home, my little brother's barbecuing in the backyard, we just got off the boat... I'm in New York right now, and it's freezing cold, and it's what I dream about all the time when I'm up here."

(Photo: HomeGoods Dream Vibes)

After Dream Vibes gave Cameron his own theme, "Popcorn and PJs, Please," he was able to get to work on decorating his apartment. Cameron's living room fittingly looks like a Floridian dream with gold accents and relaxing blue pieces to give it that beachy vibe. He kept the theme going for his cabana-esque bedroom with decorative vases and a quilt set that ties the comfy abode together. 

Fans might know that the 29-year-old has a background in construction. So even though he's used to working in the home space, interior design was a new challenge for him, one that was made easier thanks to Dream Vibes. He even mentioned that it's a feature that he plans to make good use of when working on one of the many housing projects that he's juggling at the moment. 

(Photo: HomeGoods Dream Vibes)

"Definitely the home space is my inspiration and where I want to be," Cameron explained. "I have seven housing projects right now. I've got four spec homes that I'm building, two custom homes that I'm working on, and a house that I just closed on this past weekend that I'm going to turn into an Airbnb. I'm going to rent it out to everybody because I want everyone to have a taste of Jupiter and come see it." To learn more about HomeGoods' Dream Vibes, head here to try out the exciting design feature yourself.