'Bachelor in Paradise': Jordan Kimball Slams 'Tool' Robby Hayes After Amanda Stanton Cheating Accusations

Bachelor in Paradise's Jordan Kimball is clearly team Amanda Stanton.

On Monday's episode of the Bachelor Nation spinoff, the residents of Paradise were shocked to see Bachelorette alum Robby Hayes show up with a date card, especially with how his last stay in Paradise went.

After a season wooing Amanda, Robby was accused of cheating on the mother of two in the 2017 season finale, with her pulling out photos of him allegedly kissing another woman at the club. What happened since has been a messy battle, during which Robby slammed Amanda as a bad mom and she threatened to release further evidence that he was unfaithful to her as soon as the cameras stopped rolling.

So when Robby tried to chat up the Bachelor Nation ladies during the first part of the season finale, Jordan was more than happy to let his fellow Paradise residents know what he thought of him.

"From what I understand, he cheated on Amanda Stanton ... after Paradise," he told his fellow reality personalities. "I mean, cheating on a single mom? C'mon."

After confronting Robby, making sure the newcomer knew to stay away from his girlfriend Jenna Cooper, he continued in on his criticism.

"Robby's a tool, he's just a tool," he told the cameras. "He dated Amanda for the social media following and then he broke up with her in the way that he did to look like a player. Like, 'Oh I don't need Amanda in my life.'"

While Jordan and Robby didn't exactly band together as the pair of "Ken dolls" they were pegged as by the fellow members of Paradise, the model's relationship with Jenna took another important step as they posed for mock wedding photos in a gown and tux.

"Seeing her come down the steps in a wedding dress, it's totally real," Jordan told the cameras. "The feelings are far more than I ever thought I'd have as a human being. I never thought I was gonna find my Jenna, but there she was just a few states away this whole time."

As for Jenna, she admitted she was "scared" at how serious things between the two were becoming. "I just have a lot of feelings. It's scary, it scares me. You're more than I ever thought I wanted."

Later, she told the camera, "I can actually picture a pretty healthy and fun relationship and future with him."

Will the two find themselves engaged by the end of Paradise?

The Bachelor in Paradise finale concludes Tuesday, Sept. 11 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.


Photo credit: ABC