'Bachelor in Paradise': Dean Unglert Returns to Beg Caelynn Miller-Keyes for Another Chance

With a freshly shaved face, Dean Unglert felt like a new man as he re-emerged on the island in Bachelor in Paradise. He walked back into the show with all intention of winning back Caelynn Miller-Keyes. The two had grown close over the season before Dean shared with her that he just wasn't ready to settle down, eventually walking away from her and the island.

To the shock of everyone on the show, Dean came back and whisked Caelynn away to have a private conversation on the beach.

"When I left, I made a decision that I thought was best for you, but it wasn't really fair of me to make that decision," he told her. "Then I flew back to San Diego, and the entire flight back I literally could not stop thinking about you. I rented a car and drove to the Grand Canyon, and as I was there I thought about how badly I wished that you were there with me."

He explained how he was going to wait until she returned, but didn't want to risk her falling in love with someone else on the island. In a surprise twist, he laid out all of his cards and asked Caelynn to leave the game with him.

"I knew that I needed to come here and tell you that I wanted us to try and be in a relationship," he said. "I came here to ask you if you would leave Paradise with me today."

There was some hesitation on Caelynn's face as she had began developing a connection with Connor Saeli. During the dramatic conversation, all of the cast, including Connor, sat in the distance watching the situation play out.

Connor told the camera he didn't want to be hurt this situation and didn't respect Dean coming back into the game to try and win back Caelynn.

Because of the love triangle, Caelynn couldn't give Dean an immediate answer to his proposal.

"Right now, I'm the most confused I've ever been in my entire life. This is not an easy decision," she said. "I literally have the dangerous guy and the perfect man. I have no idea what to do."

When Dean first stood Caelynn over a few episodes back, she was very disappointed to see him leave, saying that she "thought he was my forever and he blindsided me."


The rest of the conversation and ensuing drama will play out on when Bachelor in Paradise airs next Monday at 8 p.m. ET.