'Bachelor' Colton Underwood Shares Throwback Photo Showcasing Epic Transformation

Members of Bachelor Nation know Colton Underwood as a former NFL player with the body to match, but years ago, the 27-year-old was just another awkward high-school kid.

On Wednesday, Underwood treated his Instagram followers to an epic throwback photo, posting a shot of him as a teenager side-by-side with a more recent shot.

In the photo on the left, a seemingly very uncomfortable Underwood poses ahead of what was likely a prom in an oversized white tuxedo with a blue tie and boutonniere, while the current snap sees the reality star looking relaxed and happy in a white shirt, gray jacket and jeans.

colton underwood throwback
(Photo: Instagram / @coltonunderwood)

"It's crazy what a tailor and some confidence can do for a person," he wrote in the caption.

Underwood previously opened up about his transformation over the years, telling The LadyGang podcast that he was referred to as the "ugly duckling" in high school after growing into his looks his senior year.

"I had curly hair, braces, pimples, you talk about going through puberty and the worst things that go with it, I had it, for sure," he said. "And then I had a bottom retainer so my lisp was really bad. I still have a minor one when I get really excited."

Underwood grew up in Illinois, and told Us Weekly that growing up in a small town "really shaped me as the man I am today."

He also revealed that his college nickname was "Disney" "because they said I was rated G," he explained, joking, "Maybe as the Bachelor I can bump up to PG-13 status."

Underwood also has a horrible sense of direction, his favorite celebrity chef is Guy Fieri, his greatest fear is heights and he prefers creamy peanut butter. The more you know!

The 27-year-old is currently searching for love on The Bachelor, with his season having most recently aired its fourth episode. In a preview for Monday's upcoming episode, Underwood is clearly "over" the drama between contestants in the house,

After speaking with one contestant, Underwood says "I just need a minute," before commenting, "I'm over it" in a voiceover as he's shown walking alone on the beach in a rather nice suit.

Unfortunately, this doesn't look to be the episode where he jumps over a fence, so fans will have to keep tuning in to see that very meme-able moment play out.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.


Photo Credit: Getty / Noel Vasquez